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Easy to use, high performance, deluxe, excellent portability outstanding, power greater than 1000mw can tune super powerful laser pointer. Focus adjustable, adjustable focus green laser, exquisite design, silver appearance shiny, feel good, very gorgeous. Using a green laser pointer, it is very high in the field. It is a very useful tool in the field of science. The focus on outdoor use of a green laser pointer lights up cigarettes, matches and firecrackers, blowing up light balloons, and can be used for various purposes such as stars such as crows and pigeons.

Because the laser beam of the 1W laser pointer is very strong, there are obstacles in the eye. Please do not look directly at the time. Please do not light your eye directly you can experience the measurement output of 3000mw. This is a powerful friend of a successful speech. Stable output stability and cooling tolerance! The service life is more than 8000 hours because of imported LD and parts. Work on all kinds of occasions! Buildings are active in all kinds of scenes!

Red Laser Pointer For Cats

You can keep points away from high places, such as construction sites, far away. It's perfect for something you can't touch directly! The 3W laser pointer USES mature laser diode technology to transmit human invisible visible light. This is a special laser that can be applied to industrial and scientific applications. It USES a high-power portable laser to emit a very strong green beam at least 3, 000 meters wide. It has made significant contributions to industrial lighting, calibration, medical and laboratory experiments.

The strong beam penetrates the quiet night sky, the super impact is outstanding! I feel the wonderful green laser! It is possible to light a light game with laser light! The green high power laser pointer is used to move compact and elegant. It is made of hard aluminum and the surface is treated with anodic alumina, so it feels very good and feels luxurious. To increase the import of LD and spare parts, import use time, more than 8000 hours, a thick style of pointer, it is the size of such package. The laser pen is very powerful and you can fire or easily cut vinyl tape on matches.

On the evening of March 16, the reporter went to the event, and Mr. Wang reported that the two men in the scene were holding hands, crying and arranging the booth because of the chaos of the road. According to the distance, they could see the local queen of corn sweeping the road after a round sweep. Precision inspection, with a small flashlight and similar size, this "super laser pointer, the price is 100 yuan, with two AA batteries." The laser is said to be a two-kilometer needle. To show, the booth picks up the laser pointer in the sky background, the scene illuminates, he looks at the black sky, is the green "dye" position, shining stars above the sky.
Reporter, this is the side of the road is the laser pointer and the crow points out, you're selling the instructions and the certificate. Query, through the network, your sales find some people online. In the scientific name, the so-called "laser pointer", because "should be referred to as a star pen." High output brightness, astronomers use it to refer to stars, a range of kilometers, 300 milliwatts of power.

Reporters stared at the beam, in, and laser pointer across in just a few hundred meters on the web site of the roads around the outer wall of the building, standing on the second floor, the laser back to observe with the experiment many Pointers to buy less than 10 seconds, you will feel the eyes.Laser beam, according to the reporter in a very short half minutes, behind, in front of the hand skin in needle back pain, is 50 metres away, in according to the laser pointer in the human body, the beam does not have obvious feeling if touching the eyes, have vision of all the work will be a green light. The eye, which is a short 7 or 8 second long about a minute, will change and has been closed to restore vision. On the face, from a 10cm away match head cheap red laser pen 5mW for cats hold, put the game on the floor. Around 40 seconds, the match head was lit.

Mr. Wang contacted traders at the high-tech park police station and sold laser pens in the reference area of the jiangling event. The reporter followed the police to the scene for 16 nights. Police will sell laser Pointers to two men's police stations. According to the two responsible manufacturers, they are in the northeast, chatting online with people, and the business is now very profitable for the laser pen. So I sold dozens of branch networks on the street and bought a 100-meter laser pointer. These laser pens are priced at around $40 and are being sold for 100 yuan. The high-tech park police said there was no law that the laser pen should find illegal products to be seen.

But the green light laser pointer  torch from the driver's vision will cause a certain degree of damage, the traffic can cause certain security hidden danger, you will be handled by the traffic police you can refer to the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety, to remote legal punishment illegal punishment. The police station, they were criticized for the release process, DE -by- vinegar withholding.

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