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A troubled many sociologists and anthropologists problem is that criminal behavior is predictable. Now you can say for sure yes. Based on the principle of aftershocks after the earthquake forecast, the U.S. Company has developed a set of crime prediction Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet software, and has been put into use in several major cities in the United States. According to the criminal activities of a particular region in the past statistics, the probability of occurrence of a crime to be calculated by means of special algorithms, types of crime, crime can happen next and where the most likely time period. Police in major U.S. cities with a gunshot monitoring system, which is a combination of global positioning system for wireless audio sensors to detect gunfire once, spread in the community after the sensor can shoot, shot by triangulation method place locking range, and information to the patrol car, the police will be able to quickly reach the scene of the crime.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is developing a way to accurately capture the pulse of passers software, this camera is equipped with intelligent software, through subtle changes in eye muscles, pulse activity, skin color, or catch a suspect unconscious action, analysis and judgment of the suspect is not guilty, help the police to interrogate suspects targeted. British police will enable one Robocop police car. The high-tech Robocop police can use facial features facial recognition software to scan the streets to track down suspects Exalted, and save and upload evidence of a crime. Meanwhile onboard computer crime hot spots can be found, can predict crimes before the commission of the Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet offense, and sent officers to the scene. A polygraph helmet being developed, the helmet is equipped to detect brain waves probe.
If the suspect took photos of the crime scene or the victim, asking to know whether the suspect or the victim photographs of the scene, whether the suspect is much calmer surface mounted, as long as he lied, can be reflected immediately. The polygraph helmet in the future may also cooperate with Smartphone apps, became in a pocket of mind reading device. American customers include the U.S. National Security Bureau, the FBI and the CIA. It developed a software can analyze vast amounts of data; find information between seemingly unrelated clues like association. U.S. Marines in Afghanistan have used this Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount software to analyze information in a roadside bomb predict attacks may occur. It also helped the U.S. to identify which members of the Mexican drug trafficking organizations in the murder of U.S. customs officials.
Wearable devices are hot, smart glasses, smart watches, smart wristbands powder debut. Among these, the smart glasses is considered to be more intelligent equipment imagination, when Google smart glasses Discount Oakley Sunglasses Glasses skydiving way to release a new perspective to experience first born; When Google Glass progressive voice operations and APP Inside out, we know that a scene in real-time intelligent voice interaction will be gradually applied in the future. The birth of the first scenes perspective and real-time intelligence is not only technological advances, but also brought the imagination of the business model. The future has arrived, but the uneven distribution of the. When we marvel at the progress of smart devices, Google Glass is just the beginning. We are entering an era of intelligent science fiction movie Novelty is gradually becoming a reality. And lead us into, not just Google, giants such as Samsung, are more likely to be little-known companies.

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