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Google vice president in charge of Android operating system, said recently in Texas to attend a meeting when Google will release a wearable device based operating system platform within two weeks, entered the Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet wearable device operating system market. This will be an Android developer toolkit to facilitate developers to develop applications based on a variety of wearable devices. Google is so intent layout of the mobile Internet is to control the big data platform, but also take the initiative in the next round of commercial wave. Google has become the world greatest Internet companies. Been doing one thing, and that is the big data internet search. Whether launch news, free e-mail service Gmail, street maps, etc., in fact, are doing the same thing, is that users search around big data binding and value added services.
In today fast mobile Internet, Google has begun to frequent moves, both hard and soft wearable device first launched Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet smart glasses, and later the acquisition of smart home NEST company, recently boasted it is based on the operating system you want to publish wearable devices platform. In fact, the core of this series of actions around which is to establish and control their big data platform in the mobile Internet era, so Google Android selected through this open systems platform to attract wearable device manufacturers and users. I have been in the talks said the PC Internet era; we tack to the Internet by the hour, by the day or calculated. Previously, we travel; travel will hold on a PC, this time as long as we control the PC platform can end data users to control it.
But the mobile Internet era is not the same, the mobile Internet era is sticky is calculated by the minute, we can leave the computer, but we are now a lot of people can not leave the Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale phone. This allows us to see the biggest difference between the mobile Internet and the PC Internet is user stickiness time is further shortened. Thus, PC Internet era was born otaku, and mobile Internet era is born bow family. When Google launched after wearing glasses, bring an important change in the mobile Internet and subversive ideas, and that is not from the original user stickiness hour PC Internet era, nor is minutes to prepare the mobile Internet era, but in seconds, the user stickiness binding. This is a new era of mobile Internet value entrance. I have been emphasizing, the clothes we wear and even underwear, as long as the human physiological needs directly related needs, can generate data, and data binding, it is smart to wear greatness, will become the future to replace the phone center.
Still on the road side of the mobile phone-based Internet, but more subversive based on human life, health, smart dressing has been quietly rising; the next round of commercial wave has struck. Virgin Atlantic Airways has recently co-operation with Google Company, try to identify the passengers by means of Google glasses in order to provide a more personalized service. With Tiffany and Co Outlet Glasses, concierge able to show the identity of the passengers on the identification of passengers before boarding information, learned their flight information, then help passengers check-in. At the same time, this technology will provide passengers with travel information, destination weather. Google glasses will record passenger personal preferences in order to provide a more personalized service. Virgin Atlantic Airways plans if the test is successful will be extended to other Google Glasses-class cabin and the airport. If the test is successful project, Virgin Atlantic will promote the use of these technology products.

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