EDS electronic differential lock prevents wheel spin big role

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Currently, there are a variety of new car market added EDS electronic differential lock on, a reader told reporters that want to make a brief presentation on its function. After consulting professionals, subaru impreza wrx turbocharger the current automotive school on Laijiangjiang EDS this "strange lock."

EDS electronic differential lock, the English called ElectronicDifferentialS ystem, also called EDL (ElectronicDifferentialLockingTractionControl). It is an extension of ABS, used to identify the car's wheels are not losing ground friction, and thus the car's acceleration skid control. EDS works easier to understand: the car during acceleration, when the electronic control unit is judged based on the wheel speed signal when one side of wheel slip, EDS will automatically start to work by the hydraulic control unit of the appropriate strength of the wheel braking moving, thereby improving the utilization of the other side of the driving wheel is attached, by improving the ability of the vehicle. When the driving condition of the vehicle to return to normal, electronic differential lock stop working. Compared with ordinary vehicles, audi s3 1.8 turbocharger vehicles with EDS can make better use of traction to improve the operation of the vehicle. It can be said, EDS is quite practical.

Two wheels when the vehicle drive shaft are different in road surface friction coefficient at the start, such as a drive wheel in the dry tarmac, the other wheels on the ice, EDS electronic differential lock system through the ABS sensor Automatic detection of the rotational speed of the left and right wheels, when wheel slip is generated due to the rotational speed of the wheel is not the same on both sides, EDS system will slip through the ABS system to brake the wheels on one side, so that the driving force is effectively applied to a non-slip wheel side to ensure a smooth start car. However, under normal circumstances EDS electronic differential lock the speed limit, only at speeds below 40 km / h to start, for example, when the speed is below 40 km through the slippery pavement, EDS can also be locked wheel skid and improve traffic safety. Currently on the automobile equipment EDS electronic differential lock mainly some high-end models such as the Audi A6, Audi A3 turbocharger Audi A4, Passat, Jetta and Santana 3000 newly listed other models.

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