Google Glasses Police Investigators

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Google said that did not cooperate with law enforcement. In Venture Beat group chat conversations, said a small number of law enforcement officers in New York City have tried to wear the Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet device, the current police official apparently still do not want to use it, and just let the police currently wear, and how to work experience. As a long-term focus on how science and technology can play a greater role in the work of the agency, the New York City Police Department on a regular basis to discuss how the various equipment, procedures, and other consumer electronics products play a role in public service fields. NYPD Deputy Secretary Stephen Davis said in a statement. We have already started to Google the company launched Google glasses device evaluated and used to determine which applications can play a role there.
Davis, deputy director, said. The Google Glass is currently no officially put into use, but through the use of some police officers to discuss how we can integrate into existing technologies and functions. According to the group chat records show police have been through Google Glass Explorer project or purchased several Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses from inviting other developers, in addition the New York City Police Department has submitted a purchase intention to Google Company based on unconfirmed information into. A New York law enforcement officer, said: We have signed and then get a few glasses deputy Google; we have tried to wear them to see when their daily patrols can have purpose. In addition to the phone screen, Google also made some improvements screen e-book to try. From the patent with pictures below we can easily see Google invention of this new e-reader is more similar in form and traditional books, but it more of a camera. With this camera, e-reader users according to the rotation of the eye to track the user is reading the contents and then set the corresponding reading mode, flip action, and so on.
Imagine in the future when the police while on duty, no longer hold a video recording device, but directly after wearing Google glasses can take pictures and record video evidence and other operations. Also by Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses, law enforcement officers can also be allowed in certain situations direct evidence shooting, and was used directly in court as evidence. By Google glasses networking capabilities, good when the photo was taken can be very easy to share to other members, but can also make it easier for real-time communication between officers. Moreover, in addition to the basic functions of Google Glasses, through a large number of third-party applications can also take advantage of the full capabilities play a greater role in the process of handling cases of police.
For the future, how they treat the public with Google glasses patrol police handling the case is still a problem to be solved. After all, this is also related to the ordinary citizen privacy issues. Meanwhile, Google said it is not currently an official with the New York City Police Department to carry out cooperation, procurement Discount Oakley Sunglasses glasses is just an ordinary beta product only. Labs launched named OK Door applications, the ability to transfer security video camera glasses to end, and then unlock access by clicking on the touchpad. OK Door with existing SAM Labs access management system API to connect, can give rise to a more secure and flexible disposal. Maybe after a period of time, Google glasses can make reception staff unemployed.

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