Took time and effort to gold wow classic

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Not really exciting compared to getting other legendaries like preceding expansions that took time and effort to gold wow classic acquire em.U wot? Legendaries at Legion were enormous, many altered gameplay hugely for the courses that got them, and you believe the"old"legendaries were better? Most of them just had large stats and no actual effect on gameplay...

The main issue was that they keptdoubling back on the machine after it had obviously failed. It might've just been"that bizarre thing we had to deal with for onepatch," but rather they let it leave a black mark over the whole expansion.Edit: miracle which member of the dev group downvotedme.Even though I loathed the mythical system, everything else about the expansion was great. . Suramar might very well be myfavorite area/story ever.Legion was easily the best growth since WotLK for me personally.

Eliminate a few of the randomness ofLegendaries & take out the Netherlight Crucible and I think it would be widely thought of as the best expansion ever.Greatestexpansion so far, and I've been playing since TBC. I loved the attention on course fantasy, class halls, adored RNH epic drops(because it created all content valuable to play) and loved artifact weapons.Everything wrong with BFA was released in Legion. Ireally don't know why everyone thinks it was so terrific.Legion was a great expansion?(

Guess everything is up following WOD.Good narrative, tons and a great deal of content to experience (to the point where even when I roll a new course I'm excited to goback to do the Legion class questlines.) That was super lore heavy with all types of cool throwbacks and references (such as caliamenethil from the mywowgold wow classic gold priest hall before it became apparent she'd be playing a role in the future narrative.) And artifacts gave us aton of cool and interesting transmog options and even more fleshed out lore and testimonials.

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