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The real reason for UX design, early adopters will wear them in any public place, Owens said, but I am afraid that is still intuitive reaction would be that day, you are the pretentious fool. According to foreign media reports, if you think of all malignant tumors removed at once, you're wrong. No one doctor can remove all infected tissue, but the new high-tech Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses can make this realization. Washington University research team has developed a device that allows led by Samuel clearly see the cancer surgeon during surgery. The device is installed custom software, anyone can see this device worn blue cancer cells, the surgeon will be able to put those infected tissue and healthy tissue that separated and removed. His colleagues hope that the device can be removed from the final follow-up surgery trouble.
The first use of this technique for the actual operation, but we put it away as a reliable weapon against cancer has yet to be tested and further developed. If medical glasses feasible, will be composed with day mission with cancer in the UK has now put to use to identify cancer smart scalpel. Samsung plans to launch similar to Google glasses wearable device, this device may be named Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet Glass, is expected to debut at the Berlin IFA International Consumer Electronics Show, coincidentally, Samsung released a smart at last year IFA watch Galaxy Gear. Currently in Korea, Samsung has won a patent smart glasses, can be seen from the patent figure, Galaxy Glass sports glasses similar in appearance, but the top of the left side of the lens of a camera, and built a headset and Smartphone connected data lines, in addition to other wearable devices, like, Galaxy Glass need a smart phone is connected to some of the following message is displayed in front of the user.
This design and the full realization of wireless connectivity Google glasses compared somewhat outdated, but it was just the design of it, Samsung may be improved at the time of publication of this product. Samsung said the company does not expect intelligent optical products for the company in the short term can be profitable, but to enter the market as soon as possible will help to convey to the outside world to lead the development of new technology roles. Meanwhile Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount smart glasses have also acknowledged the huge market potential, in addition to becoming an outside consumer electronics, the future is also very likely to be applied to multiple industries. Data from the Korea Research Institute for Social Development information display, wearable device market is expected to reach more than one billion dollars in size, while the wearable device is likely to become the next generation of smart phones replace mobile technology products. Samsung to be patented sports glasses can even be connected to the smart phone. This technology can be regarded as one of Samsung recent masterpiece, after all, the moment a lot of high-tech companies have started competing in the field of smart glasses.
Epson in the past few years has been committed to the development of Discount Oakley Sunglasses smart glasses. There is also no need to worry about privacy issues exist for this spectacle, once the glasses open shooting, the lower left corner of the LED lights will light up. Through the built-in miniature glasses transparent display, users can watch movies, play games and experience the real feeling of amplification. They can accomplish these things while walking, talking or doing some other routine things. The glasses and matching is a manipulation device equipped with Android system, this device is not even a touch screen, more like a mouse, you can display the cursor controlled by this device. The glasses are also equipped with wireless mirroring feature; you can transfer images to your HDTV.

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