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Future smart watch manufacturers believe Google emphasizes function is the function of smart watches need. Taking into account Google is the largest manufacturer, and has the most potential hardware partners, so the answer is yes. Google very comfortable to wear glasses, but essentially, it was too blatantly, you hamper exchanges and around the world. Google claims that Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses will not hinder people exchanges. But in fact, wearing your face with a lens and display any things that may affect your normal communication with others Android Wear supported Moto 360 products, with the Google glasses completely different affinity. It looks like an ordinary watch. Motorola intends to design it more like a watch, making it blend with the surrounding environment together, to wear more comfortable, and use more natural.
In contrast, Google even installed on ordinary glasses also seemed very awkward. Unlike many company specialized Pebble applications and Samsung Galaxy Gear square icon-based application navigation, Android Wear seemed to notice the basic functionality into the core position. Google is conspicuously frame glasses on your face, and Android Wear will be the focus shifted to the wrist. This avoids misunderstandings Google glasses suffered. We now know Android Wear watches no camera, which Samsung or Google Gear and glasses are different. No camera means do not worry about other people privacy or infringe bars or other public places is prohibited. Interestingly, Android Wear user interface resembles the original design principles and Google glasses. Notification information card- stacking and clear, simple and clean notification type, which is the General Assembly on Google Glasses Mirror API emphasized thing last year.
Understand the meaning of interactivity and practical and useful. Notification information card- stacking issue instructions to the Android Wear way, even out there be other features drop-down menu, all of which are similar to Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses. This may mean that Android Wear in the future will include more interactive applications. It is worth noting that we now know it is only Android Wear developer preview version, not even SDK. Similar to Google glasses, Android Wear smart watches may also be accepted OK, Google voice commands. Moto and LG Watch will have voice command or touch functionality. The only problem is that, for different functions, you need to issue a different voice commands. Glasses on Google, you come through the touch using a variety of functions, but if you send Google glasses can understand voice commands, you can use these same features.
Android Wear will be accompanied by a microphone. However, in addition to voice commands, it also has a touch and gestures of communication. Nobody wants to wear pieces of jewelry on the wrist. For any Cheap Oakleys wearable devices, health monitoring feature is its most visible feature specific. However, Android Wear currently has on the health monitoring functioned abnormally understatement. Now, Android Wear seems to be more emphasis on notification, rather than health tracking, although its developer preview version of the web application will be compatible with its commitment to a lot of sensors, including from the accelerator to the cardiac monitor. Does this mean that the device will be equipped with Android Wear fitness accessories or built-in fitness features, just like the upcoming Samsung Gear products the same? We can not know exactly. However, this may require hardware partners to decide. Many people want to have a smart watch fitness function, but not everyone is like this.

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