Secrets of the vehicle chassis under anti-roll bar

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For many people, anti-roll bar is just a humble hardcore child, but you may not know this hardcore child will have a major impact on your car, but you never really understand its function, and now we will take you explore the secrets of this chassis under. Anti-Roll Bar is usually translated into anti-roll bars, evo 7 coilovers to popular thing you can call it 'under the rod'. Both the front and rear anti-roll bar, although modified to spend more than 10,000 yuan on your budget, but it has to gain control of the economic benefits of improving conversion projects can be said to be the highest of all.

General production car will be fitted with anti-roll bar but mostly confined to the front wheels, the purpose is to reach a compromise handling and comfort. Anti-roll bar is usually fixed at the lower suspension arm, the car will be in effect when cornering centrifugal force caused by body roll in the center of the car rolling, resulting in bent and curved outer wheel suspension tension and compression, resulting in anti-reverse tilt rod extension rod, produced using the shaft is twisted to suppress body roll rebound. Here the word 'roll' and we previously mentioned 'body roll' (Roll) is the same; called 'rolling' when viewed from the front direction just as the car frame in a vertical axis passing through the rear from the front , and then do the rotation. Of course, this rotation is a small margin, if the angle of rotation will be overturned too, and that is really rolled. The role of the anti-roll bar When passing through the same road about two rounds of bumps or holes, anti-roll bars and will not have an effect. However, if the left and right wheels respectively, through different road bumps or holes, which is about two rounds of the height level is not the same, it will cause reverse shaft, resulting in anti-dumping resistance (Roll Resistance) suppress body roll.

That is when the left and right sides of the suspension anti-roll bar up and down the role of synchronized action does not occur only in the left and right suspension or steering because the road is not synchronized actions and downs caused by the anti-roll bars cornering only have an effect when. Anti-roll bar only when the action will make the road of hard, unlike the stiffer springs will make the road of comprehensive harden. If you want to fully use the springs to reduce body roll that may need to be very stiff spring, more use of high damping shock absorbers to suppress spring bounce, so that we will have to bear stiffer springs and shock absorbers such as road resistance, EVO Adjustable Coilovers tracking adverse sequelae when passing uneven pavement caused by device. But if the anti-roll bars with appropriate not only can reduce roll, but without sacrificing comfort and proper tracking of. Therefore, the anti-roll bars and spring mix is the most feasible way to reach the road and handling compromise.

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