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EQII takes place World of Warcraft Gold US in the world of Norrath, 500 years after the original game. The gods had tired of mortals invading their plane of existence, and so unleashed a series of cataclysms called the Shattering: the gods withdrew from the world, moon of Luclin exploded, the Orc Empire overran the cities, rendering many of them uninhabitable (such as the Barbarian city of Halas, the Dwarf city of Safe site to buy wow gold - Kaladim, and the Gnome city of Ak Anon), and a series of earthquakes destroyed the continent of Antonica, which is now several large wow gold with 5% bonus at islands. The elf cities on the continent of Faydwer were destoryed by Dark Elves and Orcs, the cities of Felwithe (High Elves) and Rivervale Ways to Earn Wowtoes Double reward Points (Halflings) were rebuilt, but have banished all outsiders, even of that race.


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