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Central control door locks: doors and windows and electric cars the same function, the driver can freely control the four door locks, ensure the car in motion will not be free to open the door, thereby increasing safety.

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1, the new car to install attachments should pay attention to what the problem?

CD and DVD players: economic car is recommended to choose single-disc CD, affordable and practical. seat leon cupra turbocharger The best option in the luxury sedan a good CD or DVD. But when the election will have to get a professional installation, the formal installation of car audio conversion shop.

GPS navigation system: GPS satellite positioning and navigation system is now installed on the Chinese model is not a lot, it should be said that this is definitely a very practical and convenient means.

Central control door locks: doors and windows and electric cars the same function, the driver can freely control the four door locks, ensure the car in motion will not be free to open the door, thereby increasing safety.

Leather seats: leather seats seem higher grade, but too sticky and smooth leather, as well as the shape of the backrest and the seat cushion is too flat, too convex, are detrimental to the driver.

2, vehicle modification of points to note

Great range of car modification, but no matter what kind of modification, Impreza Coilovers must not affect its basic properties. Before conversion must think clearly "Why modified" and "in the end what to change," the best is a thorough understanding of the original car in all aspects of performance, find deficiencies, measure conversion brings advantages and disadvantages, and then proceed with modifications.

1) modified car should be noted:

(1) actual needs to choose their own status and body modification project, not to blindly modification.

(2) car modification emphasis on "harmony" and "balance", to performance has greatly improved, it would be a pretty huge project. In addition to the most basic, the most obvious components, there are other obvious part also requires modification, such as cooling systems, transmission and even fuel supply system and so needs to be strengthened to make the appropriate modifications.

(3) Even if not required to greatly improve the performance, but for a small amount of improvement, not a single one of the installation of replacement parts can be modified to achieve the objective. For example, to improve the cooling effect of the engine, if only to buy a high-pressure tank cover but follow the original water tank, when the water temperature rises too much pressure, the tank cover would not achieve the role of the relief protection, water will therefore burst.

(4) The basic design of some vehicles are not suitable modifications to enhance performance. A car has many complex components and various systems, if you want all of the car's components inherent modifications are to achieve "harmony" and "balance" effect, is bound to spend a lot of money and effort, the results are often not in vain success.

2) Vehicle conversion errors:

(1) Accessories more expensive the better: making cars more expensive when converted blindly seek, that "no good cheap goods."

(2) the appearance of the blind pursuit of visual impact: In order to make the car look more visual impact, while the installation of large-diameter exhaust pipe, install the tail and other accessories. Such installation is extremely wrong, especially for low-emission vehicles, not only will affect the speed, and even lead to a one-way car balance, thus affecting driving safety.

(3) only emphasizes the sound effects: the pursuit of sound insulation in cars, that "mute" can be extreme, and do not even want to hear the sound of the engine. If the driver can not hear the sound from the roads and power systems, it will lose on the road and vehicle condition information, the impact of security dealers.

(4) one-sided preference for versatile sound: that the car stereo auxiliary facilities (such as wireless remote control, multi-disc converters, etc.), the better. In actual fact, the decision is a key host audio sound quality, audi k04 turbocharger although speakers, crossover amplifiers, speakers, etc. is an important condition for good sound, but not much other auxiliary facilities effect on the actual sound.

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