Do you know which parts of car modification silly ridiculous

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A man wearing a dress can reflect the people's aesthetic and taste, clio turbocharger car decoration, too, to a certain extent, it can exhibit an aesthetic taste and the owners, in this regard if the slightest mistake, it will not only reduce the car's grade , laughable, will reduce the owner's taste. Today, the reporter summed up some ridiculous car decoration behavior, you may wish to condemnation owners see their car decorated with no straying into them.

A black hatchback Fox, turn exhaust, suspension, wheels tires, car owners just give the body affixed to the side of a set of simple words WRC reflective stickers. This set of stickers such as the finishing touch in general, against the background of this sporty Fox.

But if it is a more than 20 million commercial vehicles, posted a huge door a HelloKitty, good a steady, low-key commercial vehicles, stunned is to endure no more money.

In line with the election of a car sticker temperament, 240SX coilovers better reflect the owner's personality and taste.

Since BMW for its 3 Series, 5 Series and other models mounted shark fin antenna, which has become a lot of car owners chase direction. Shark fin antenna just for aesthetics, it is another, more important role is in addition to static. Also like the BMW car shark fin antenna, also with radio and antenna function. But some owners just willy-nilly, obviously in the case of their car antennas already, have to spend 20 a few dollars, to install a "shark fin." What function do not plan it, just to look good just like to put on a shark fin dolphin, 4G63 rods how it all can not become a great white shark.

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