We need calm handling of the tire broke down how to save themselves

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I believe that many motorists have such experience, while driving in a car, in case you unsuspecting, encounter a puncture. Mazda Miata Coilovers Fortunately the road on weekdays, around since the speed is relatively slow, they can better control the car to swing. But if a puncture occurs at high speed when it is very dangerous, specific performance is the steering wheel suddenly flick, followed came the "bang" a loud noise, the front along with one-sided .... Particularly in this next winter, broke down halfway, and relief convoys have to wait a long time before that, a friend or on the road does not give you a helping hand in the case, that is how miserable thing. The so-called tire puncture in fact, refers to lose most of the air in a very short period of time, thus affecting the normal driving. Encountered such a thing, the best is that they know how to save themselves, the following teach you some emergency tips.

To see which tire puncture to take effective measures

If the front tire: Be sure to grip the steering wheel, adjust the front, action should be gentle, the steering wheel can not be repeated, but can not slam the brakes, and other vehicle speed gradually slow down and then flick the steering wheel, and then again after the car upright warning Triangle, prevent secondary accidents.

If the rear tire: the car will show an unstable state, it produces a slight surge of power, so the car tends to tire the other side, this time by way of oil revenues should downshift the car slowly stopped. Here we want to emphasize with the front tire burst is not the same, because the rear wheel does not have a guiding function, G35 Coilovers and generally carry the weight of the car's rear wheels relatively high, so the rear tire is not very dangerous, just hold steady steering wheel can be.

Daily Notes:

1: To improve tire safety awareness, usually have to check the tires, especially in the first high-speed, we must make full and detailed examination, in addition to tire pressure, tire side but also to observe whether there are cracks, treadwear status , found hidden should be immediately removed.

2: Regular tire rotation implementation, in order to maintain the same car even wear on the tires, the vehicle traveling 5000 kilometers per tire rotation should be done once, each with 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers to do a wheel alignment, in order to avoid excessive abnormal tire wear, not allowed to install different models on the same shaft or large differences in the old and new tires.

3: regular correction wheel balance, wheel unbalance exceeded, will produce high-frequency oscillation at high speeds, causing partial tire wear, is not conducive to driving safety. After the tire repair balancing test should be adjusted unilaterally tire balancing test should be less than or equal to 40 grams.

How to quickly change tires

Xiao Bian understand the relevant trailer rescue workers, changing a tire is actually very simple. Encountered such a thing, it is best not to go first to a flat slope of the road parked. Then remove the spare tire and wheels wrench, check the spare tire pressure is normal, you will need to replace the tires screw loose, loose enough to be hand-degree twist in. Change in the wheel jacks until recently the anchor will hold up car. After put on the spare tire, the first preliminary tightening the screws, the jack down, then the order will moldings each screw tightened.

Rescue workers also told reporters that since the tire change affect traffic, is today one of the reasons for traffic jams. So to remind the majority of drivers, to reduce tire wear and tire problems occur, in daily use should pay attention to tire pressure. Timing tire swap position, and regular tire balance check. saab 93 turbocharger When replacing the tires, the same vehicle can not mix the two different tire sizes. Tire life is about 40,000 km, if mileage is less, use more than two years should be replaced.

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