Four engines and other components can not be modified

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Recently the streets of Hangzhou hot drag racing events killed people, once again draw attention to the car modification. performance parts What are the legal limits modification in the end? How to modify both the hip and no problem? Insiders pointed out that the vehicle performance transformation reborn, should think twice. Any one of the car before going into production, vehicle performance and match the various components, are to undergo a precise calculation of automobile major modification, may lead to security risks. Higher car modification process requirements, general vehicle maintenance workers may not be able to manage.
There essentials of car modification, first in security must be guaranteed under the premise of modification. Arbitrarily change the dynamic performance of the car, if not taken into account with matching brake, balance and other issues, will lead to significant security risks, and even lead to accidents. To increase the sunroof, for example, modification changes the factory through sophisticated verification aerodynamic design elements, but also to change the intensity of the body, affecting traffic safety.
Four engines and other components can be changed
The new "Road Traffic Safety Law" clearly stipulates that any unit or individual shall assemble any motor vehicle or motor vehicle without changing the registered structure, modifications parts framework or features. Structure of the vehicle including the body color, length, width and height of the four rigid standards as well as engine and related technical parameters. Thus, the legality of their vehicles, the key is to see whether the vehicle in line with the photo on the driving license, and vehicle factory technical parameters are consistent. It does not comply, it can not pass inspection.
When the car had their licenses to be modified, it shall declare the registration Vehicle Administration, after its conversion technology by Vehicle Administration agreed to review the report before retrofit. Modification is completed, but also to change procedures to handle Vehicle modification. It is understood that the car body color, license plate number, engine number, chassis number of the vehicle registration, etc. are very important project, and to archive photographs, these items are vehicles Vehicle sector management, investigate traffic violations, H-beam Connecting Rods accidents Processing work an important basis and clues.

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