Porsche Panamera installation supercharged

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"Oh Porsche four-door coupe Oh! Also refit?" Would say such a thing people plenty of money, M3 camber arms but if you really understand the car, understand modification, you will naturally find these words very naive! Readers do not mean to offend, just need a universal concept car in the world, it is after a long refit, optimization, upgrade slowly to today, saying his car without modification, and history has proven too, are silly X. McLaren do not change it? Oh ...... Ferrari do not change it? ....... Lamborghini do not change it?

This is the "Zhengzhou Edge" (converted stores) sent by Porsche upgraded supercharger case Panamera. 3.6L displacement from his point of view, this should not be mistaken a 2010 car, which is the first batch of Panamera. If I were a Panamera owners, E46 camber arms I believe there will be reason enough to shop and go to the installation of a mechanical supercharger to convince myself this child. This is a car five or six years old, I still have not estimated temporary change-out will not consider him, it is better used to play a game. Play What is a problem, it seems to play old car performance is called a perfect match, 3.6L power too old, and look at the new 3.0T those juniors who either economic output or much better than their own. Oh, let my old bones give you some color to see how? - Depends on a supercharged!

Bibi 3.0T, 4.8L, the seemingly older Panamera 3.6 drag a bit mean, but once the supercharger kit into consideration, 3.6L immediately become dominant. We know supercharged engine at the expense of power in exchange for part of the intake pressure, which means that the machine is more suitable for large displacement supercharger, which is popular in the United States and supercharged cars among the reasons.

The Panamera look mechanical supercharger kit. The core of the turbocharger from Rotrex, centrifugal type C38 / 71, and then include a small cooler, oil cooler kit set, a K & N mushroom head, a HKS SQV, as well as some installation accessories. The core part of the computer stores and did not disclose, we know this for Panamera injection vehicles, plug-in can not solve this problem injectors, M3 Coilovers the store to a "We have programs to control it ..." very mysterious rendering computer problem there seems to be more than the whole province computers substituted thing, better than plug-in effect approach.

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