Underdark Expansion Launches for XBox One with astral diamonds neverwinter 10% off sale

The Neverwinter blog has been updated with a new post to inform players about the return of several dungeons in a new, revamped style.

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The XBox One version of Neverwinter has been updated to bring the Underdark expansion online. In Underdark, players will journey alongside such iconic characters as Bruenor Battlehammer and Drizzt Do'Urden to stop demons infesting the ancestral home of the Drow.
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 Neverwinter: Underdark brings the Rage of Demons storyline from Wizards of the Coast to life on the Xbox One. The expansion allows players and their friends to join forces with classic Dungeons & Dragons characters including Drizzt Do’Urden, Regis and Bruenor Battlehammer to face the two-headed Demogorgon and other terrors of the Abyss. This update for the free-to-play MMORPG includes all-new content such as the new hub zone of Mantol-Derith, two end-game skirmishes and “The Dwarven King,” a quest line written by New York Times Best-Selling Author, R.A. Salvatore, whose novel Archmage kicks off the Rage of Demons storyline.Neverwinter will be expanding again soon with the arrival of The Maze Engine. In a new post on the official site, developers reveal a few of the famous faces players are likely to encounter along the journey.

  The Neverwinter blog has been updated with a new post to inform players about the return of several dungeons in a new, revamped style. Players will be happy to hear that Cloak Tower, Pirate King’s Retreat (formerly Lair of the Pirate King), Frozen Heart, and Caverns of Karrundax will all be reappearing with more streamlined game play and better rewards that extend all the way to those on the top end of the game.

  The blog goes on to explain the most significant changes to the dungeons:
 party size is now 3

  once opened, dungeons are not level locked and each can be completed at any level with the difficulty remaining the same

  XP and loot will be appropriate for the level players are when the dungeon is complete

  at level 70, epic levels of these dungeons open with tiered difficulty and tiered rewards
Lastly, there are a few screens to show off some of the improved graphics.
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