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Ever since commercials for Latisse, which began running in 2009, convinced women that hypotrichosis (inadequate hair growth) was a condition that they should take seriously, eyelash growth products have taken off. But do they work? Here’s some info to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to having lush lashes.

Just like any other most effective eyelash conditioners are those, lilash eyelash growth contains natural ingredients to nourish hair follicle to extend eyelash growth phase, achieving the goal to enhance eyelash. To buy lilash usa, you can put your order on the official site to enjoy authentic lilash seurm with shipping free.


Eyelashes grow in a cycle that lasts from 5 to 11 months. They go through anagen, a growth phase, for 1-2 months; catagen, a transition phase, for approximately 15 days; and telogen, a resting phase, for 4-9 months. Lashes grow at a rate of about .15  mm/day, which is much slower than scalp hair. As with all hair, you are born with the number of eyelash follicles you will die with. Thus, you may be able to achieve longer lashes, but never expect the actual number of lashes you have to increase. And expecting quick results will leave you disappointed, too.

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