AKR open source 14-16 march Theater Haus Berlin Mitte

AKR open source 14-15-16.03.2011 11-15 a.m. at Theater Haus Berlin Mitte People Figurative Artists Digital Artists Performer Musicians Photographers Scenes and Costume Designers ... which are willing to participate to our next production POST Post- is the future.


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AKR open source

 14-15-16.03.2011 11-15 a.m.
at Theater Haus Berlin Mitte

People Figurative Artists Digital Artists
Performer Musicians Photographers
Scenes and Costume Designers . . .
which are willing to participate
to our next production
Post- is the future.
Post- ist the time detractet from history.
The time without imaginary.
Post- is a place detractet from action: the body observes,
repeates mechanical gestures, small movements.

Tic tac tic tac tic tac.

The revolution finds within the body the only possible expression.
Allowed is the silence: a revolt without regret.
Don't build the bomb. Be the bomb.

Tic tac tic tac tic tac.

We are going to work 4 hours a day to get to know each other, to confront our ideas and to discever something new.

0163 4035679 - info@akrcollettivo.net

Dear colleagues and friends of AKR,
we are happy to invite you to work with us on the 14th-15th and 16th of march. We are going to work 3 days on our next project POST- togather new people and new ideas. We only ask to be possibly present for the 3 days. AKR theater music video

AKR stands for αχορoς, a Greek word that appears for the first time in Aeschylus’s Prometheus. Literally it means "ceaseless", but in Aeschylus’s tragedy it was translated as "singing without dancing" or "singing of war" .
AKR is a pool of intentions. It is a group organized with a non-hierarchical structure that encourages meeting and direct contact. Its aim is the production of music, theatrical pieces and videos. Day-after-day, AKR learns and becomes an independent and disaffected cauldron of collaboration, open to contamination. AKR finds in its internal diversities the stimulus to work together, to resist to the pollution in the air around us and to move forward in the delirium of signs that accompanies us, like an army badly disciplined and absolutely prone to desertion. 
Music is where AKR sees the light. AKR produces records, soundtracks for short movies and theatrical performances, for improvisation sessions and live electro-acoustic sonorities. The passion for Video comes directly from its possible uses in performing arts. Their goal is the sensation, the violence for the eyes, the shake in the stomach, the vibration of sound. We exploit videos in various ways especially in performances and, usually, live. The Theatre is the point of intersection between our different projects. The source of its way of being is the will of giving theatre a meaning that is beyond the hierarchical mechanisms imposed by the culture industry. We bring our theater in all places where anyone needs theatre, travelling from city to city weaving relationships and delivering content. The various components of our theatrical events are not arranged in a hierarchy, but  co-operate to form the shape of our performances. The need to abolish the predominance of the text �“the narrative text at least �“ gives to the overall composition images, pictures and ideas whose role is, once again, to mitigate the predominance of the word on other components. Our creative process is collective, we build our work through discussions and improvisations in which musicians, actors, technicians, video artists and authors have equal weight.

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