How Real Brides Convinced Their Fiancé to Compromise While Wedding Planning

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“During our wedding planning, it felt much more like a problem to solve than a fun adventure to plan. Almost every big decision had an argument along with it. What we realized is that although we love each other, we have completely different views on how to go about prioritizing and solving problems. When we realized that was the case, it helped us be more patient with each other and understand where each partner was coming from. Now we are super excited for our wedding!” –Ann

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When my husband and I got married several years ago, we both wanted to be super involved in the process. He wanted to be part of picking out the invitations, the cake, the venue, all that stuff. But because he traveled a lot for work, he couldn't be there when the venues were open. He was making getting anything accomplished nearly impossible! Finally we sat down over a glass of wine, and I explained how far behind we would be if he could not allow me to pick and choose as I saw fit. Due to time constraints, he reluctantly accepted my proposal. And what we did was we sent pictures back and forth of the items that he would want approval on. This way he still had a hand in the planning, and I was able to get stuff done without delay. It was the best day of our lives!” –Kristy

“Even though we both agreed on a strict budget for the wedding — we paid for it ourselves — Rick kept coming up with more and more people he just couldn’t leave off the guest list. He’s super friendly and wants everyone to feel included. He kept saying, ‘We’ll find a way to make it work!’ I kept saying, ‘The only way it will work to include oodles of extra people is if we move to the poorhouse.’ Finally I had a brainstorm: After the honeymoon we could have a backyard — meaning CHEAP — party for those who hadn’t been at the ceremony. Eureka! It worked out beautifully.” –Pam

“Rich was married before and this time he very badly wanted a casual wedding. I understood but longed for the full, traditional approach. He kept saying how much he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of our lives making me happy — if I could just do without the huge wedding. I cried and said, ‘It’s retro and corny but I’ve dreamt of this day my whole life.’ He sighed, than bargained, ‘Okay but you need to clean the toilet and do laundry for the first six months of our marriage. You know how much I hate those jobs.’ I said, ‘Done deal.’ We both kept our word.” –Lina


“Point of contention: The cost of my wedding occasion dresses. His view: He couldn’t fathom spending $2,000 on something I’d wear for less than six hours. My solution: I had plenty of arguments to justify the cost. But in the end, I agreed to reduce the cost, provided he reduced the cost of our open bar — an expense that’s substantially higher given the way his family puts ‘em down. I haven’t heard a peep since I made the offer.” –Janice

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