Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out, Anyway?

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Conjuctivitis, also known as Pink Eye can cause eyelash loss. The eye tends to water a lot and is itchy. The eyelashes can get sticky so are particularly prone to getting tugged out with a fairly vigorous eye rub.

Alopcia areata is an autoimmune condition in which your body actually attacks its hair follicles. If you're noticing hair falling out all over your body, it's likely you're suffering from this medical condition.

Demodex folliculorum is a condition caused by a pesky mite. The mites are normally found on the skin and in the hair follicles. But, the condition occurs when there's an overabundance of them in hair follicles.

Aging can cause our eyelashes to thin, just like the hair on our heads.

A poor diet affects all the system's in our bodies, including our hair.

Seasonal allergies can also lead to thinning eyelashes if one of your symptoms is itchy eyes.

Trichotillomania is an anxiety disorder, often beginning in childhood that causes people to pull out their eyelashes.


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