How to Find Affordable Solar Panels

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Solar panel that produce electricity work by the photovoltaic process, through which energy is produce by the interactions between electrons contained in the solar cells and photons from the sun's radiation. Solar panels can be constructed fairly easily with basic knowledge of carpentry and electrical wiring and materials available at your local hardware store. A solar panel consists of two basic components: a solar cell array and a frame structure that protects the array.You can do as the following.
Shop for solar panel that are made in your own country. Overseas shipping is very costly, especially for large items like a set of home solar panels. Purchasing from inside your country will save a significant amount of money while at the same time reducing the chances for damage during shipping
Purchase directly from the manufacturer. Like all consumer products, solar panels are cheaper to buy directly from the factory than at the local vendor. By eliminating the middle man a homeowner can save money.

Make sure that your solar evacuated tube system has a warranty. It does not do you any good to buy cheap solar panels only to have to replace them after a few months. Warranties are important--make sure your system includes a manufacturer's warranty.

Buy used solar panels. Ebay is a great site to find used solar panels, but be sure to ask the seller some questions. Find out if there are any cracks or defects on the panels, as this will greatly reduce their efficiency. Also be sure to ask if there is any condensation on the inside of the glass or plastic cover. If so, that means that the seal has been broken and the solar collector will not preform correctly.


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