The secret dress trick that makes celebrities look thinner

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I love it when a fashion myth is cast aside as easily as a New Year's Resolution on January 2. Blue and green should never be seen? Pah! But the rule I'm most happy to be rid of is the one that says if you're a big girl, you should wear baggy clothes. It's an oldie, a deeply entrenched fashion myth aimed squarely at our insecurities, but it is slowly being shown the door by women who are proving there are more flattering clothes to wear. Thank you very much.

"A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view," said Sophia Loren, she with the body that might as well in the dictionary next to the word "voluptuous". You'd never see Sophia wandering through the Italian Riviera in a shapeless baggy T-shirt, right? And we are finally realising she was onto something: that tight clothes are more flattering on curves than loose clothing?

CURVES: Kim Kardashian mastered the fitted look this year.

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Yes, even if you're packing a punch in the bottom department, are stacked around the waist and have a generously-blessed bosom, it's better to wear fitted clothes than to hide under baggy layers.

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer dons a muu-muu and suddenly everyone waves at the fat person? Same principle.

Sofia Vergara, today's answer to Loren, is never seen in anything that could be described as loose. Kate Winslet too has jumped on the fitted dress bandwagon. Beyonce started the whole thing. And Kim Kardashian has, this year, completely mastered it.

Because baggy clothes make anyone over a size 10 look bigger, it's as simple as that. The point is to draw a clean line around the body, to streamline. A loose silhouette doesn't show where the fabric stops and the body begins, so you actually look as big as the extra large dress you're wearing. It's counter-productive.

I'm not calling Sofia Vergara, or Kate Winslet, or Beyonce or Kim or any one of those celebrities big. I'm just pointing out that if you are carrying more weight than a swizzle stick (Gwyneth, Alexa et al), you are going to look more amazing if you wear fitted clothing.

For those of you shaking your head and uncomfortably tugging your loose shirt further down your hips, stop. And at least give it a whirl. Of course, there are rules to this way of dressing – you can't just don any lycra slip, you know.

1. Choose thick fabric. A heavy cotton with a hint of stretch; a double layered sheath that slides over the body; a neoprene that sucks you in like a vacuum-sealed bag. You get the picture.

2. It needs to be the right length. Ever see Kim Kardashian in a mini? Nope. Always to-the-knee and super tight. Regular folk can afford to go a smidge looser. You know, for breathing purposes.

3. Think proportion. A bottom half that starts at the waist is a general guide.

4. Apply the same principle to jeans: skinny jeans will look better compared to boot legs or wide legs or anything that is going to give you a wider frame.

And number 5. Wear with confidence. As Yves Saint Laurent said, "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."

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