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People think I’m weird for being such a planner.

Here is an example of why being a planner is a good thing. I ordered a dress online to wear to the next Open Hangar Day in July. If I had waited until the last minute, I wouldn’t have a dress to wear. The thing was about six inches too short.

However, since I am a planner and ordered a couple of months before I actually needed it, I had plenty of time to take it to Marlene at Thayer Rags so she could work her magic on it.

I really need to learn how to make my own clothes. I have a sewing machine. I’ve just never learned how to use it. It would make things so much easier. You’d think I’d know better not to shop for dresses online since I’ve been this tall since I was a sixth-grader.

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I remember being in a play at church, and I think I was around 11 or 12 at the time. My dad took great delight in digging out the VHS tape of it and showing it to us at Thanksgiving one year. I’m so much taller than all the other children that it’s hilarious. Well, now it is. At the time it wasn’t funny at all. My brother thought it was so funny that he took a picture of the TV and texted it to me a couple weeks later.

I hated being the tall girl as a kid. Now I love it. I can reach everything I need at any store without waiting for someone to come “help” me. It always amuses me when an employee six inches shorter than I am at a clothing store comes to get a shirt off the top hanger with one of those grabby sticks when I could have easily grabbed it myself with my hands and it would have been much quicker.

Yes, I really do think the pros far outweigh the cons of being a tall person. The only con that I can think of really is not being able to find clothing that fits like it’s supposed to. Which brings me to another point. Models are what, six foot? Taller? So why on earth are all the dresses for short people by the time they make it to store? You’re telling me they only made one long enough for a six-foot-tall woman?

I definitely think the best solution is to just make them myself. And then I could have as many Victorian, 20s, 40s, 50s, etc. outfits as I wanted. You can learn anything on the internet these days. Sounds like a great plan to me.

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