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Thank you for your reply. Your statement regarding crime rate reduction is interesting.... Can anybody cite sources on that? And how do they separate that effect from other causal factors for violent crime? It seems intuitive that CCW would reduce crime as you say but I imagine there are a lot of factors.



Honestly, I don't know how realistic the risk is or not. I have lived most of my life in very low crime areas (in states which, BTW, concealed carry was not legal or very limited until recently) and frankly haven't thought a lot about this risk until today. It seems likely to me so far (admittedly just from Googling around this morning) that cases are underreported relative to, for example, traffic fatalities. And of course with any data-driven decision, the affirmative steps I can take to reduce my personal risk are a significant factor that tells a more important story than the raw stats. I can drive safely. I can avoid walking alone in strange neighborhoods at night. But I have no control over CCW holder behavior and no good strategy to avoid its consequences.


It's striking to me that, on the one hand, people who seem knowledgeable are coming into this thread calling the woman an idiot. Yet in every news article I've read so far about the incident, it is stated that she grew up around guns, had lifelong familiarity with them, and was described as being a responsible gun owner by a number of quoted sources, including the husband who gave her the handbag for Christmas. So there doesn't appear to be consensus on what constitutes a "responsible" gun owner.



Finally, regarding your last paragraph, are there any reliable statistics on the utility of CCW in aiding the unarmed? That also strikes me as a rare event.



Thanks again for reading.


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