Achor bolts

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Achor bolts support is the one of the most economic and effective methodto improve the stability of geotechnical engineering .
With the strength of the transport, energy and other infrastructure construction, in tunnel, the basement and slope, as can give full play to the rock mass from the ability of anchorage technology has been developing rapidly, increasing dosage of rock bolt, show broad prospects for development.In this new situation, how to choose safe and reliable anchor structure, avoid the collapsed roof caving accident caused by anchor defects and other engineering diseases, ensure the long-term stability of the work, it has become one of the important problems of geotechnical session has been unable to avoid. 
Hollow grouting anchor rod has the following features, thus greatly improving the reliability and adaptability of the bolt. ,ordinary hollow grouting anchor used to insert a hollow rod body, back in the hole of the hollow rod body cavity perfusion slurry from inside to outside, and we have check slurry outside the port anchor hole plug and plate, can effectively prevent the slurry spillover, guarantee the rod body and the wall of hole grouting full, so you can pass along the anchor length shearing stress and tensile stress, ensure anchoring rock mass within the scope of reinforcement, when necessary, can also implement pressure grouting, grout to rod body within the surrounding rock mass of fracture seepage diffusion, further strengthening anchor within the scope of the rock mass. 
B, Grouting after solidification, the available torque wrench hand tighten nut, with around 10 kn plate hole force has similar to mechanical anchoring bolt in anchor end forming spherical pressure area, thus to control the initial deformation of rock mass after excavation, prevent broken rock fall off. 
C, Using shell hollow grouting anchor or prestressed bolt grouting hollow, through tighten nut or tensioning device can pass the tensile load to voluntarily gneiss, anchor end of the spherical or tapered pressure area are increased, and can improve the weak structural plane or potential slip surface shear strength

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