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What's your goal when playing a match in fifa 16 coins ? Of course your main aim is to score a goal into your opponents' box and keep them from scoring. How to do that? It is not an easy task. Attacking and defending are something essential. Today we are just takling about defense, how to keep your opponents from scoring.


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The most important aspect of defending in FIFA is the jockey function. Holding L2/LT puts your defender in a jockey position. He will remain square to the attacker, and will automatically lock onto the ball if the attacker comes too close. Using this function is best when it is not safe to perform a tackle.

Jockey allows players to contain the offense and keep everything in front of them. Activating the jockey movement instantly makes the defender more aggressive, and puts him in better position to make a play.

When in doubt, attack from the back. Having the defense back is what it's all about. If a team is utilizing a counter-attack, manually select defenders who are late getting back, and hustle back to support. Allowing the new and improved defender AI to deal with fast-moving attacks will let you attack defensively from behind the play.

One of the best new defensive features is the ability to get out of a slide tackle. Slide tackles have always been dangerous plays, as one slip can lead to either a penalty or pulling the defender out of position. Now if you activate a poorly executed slide tackle, press the slide tackle button again and the defender will stick a foot in the ground, then pop back up to stay in the play. When utilized correctly, this can be used to avoid big mistakes and precious lost time on the field.

If you feel you need some extra support on defense, hit left on the d-pad. This will change the mentality of your team to defensive.This mentality change will improve the defensive alignment of your team, allowing forwards and midfielders to offer support while staying in good formations.

When defending a long pass, use B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation to gain position by pushing your opponent off his line to receive the pass. To close a big gap in your defense, or to double team a highly skilled player, call for an extra man with R1/RB.

When you master all these defending tips, defend with confidence and keep running on the FIFA 16 pitch.

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