Elevator Factory Fuji Tell You Difference Between Elevator and Escalator

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Escalator and Elevator are used for same purpose in nature. Both helps us to automatically move between floors in multi storied buildings. Purpose of these two is same. But the nature is different between them. So what is the difference?

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Many people fail to understand the difference between an Escalator and an Elevator. They are not similar in any way and are two totally different things. The only similarity between the two is that they are both a means of travelling from one floor of a building to another one. The most common places where escalators and elevators are used are shopping malls and hotels.


Escalator means continues moving staircase which lifts people between the floors. It can accommodate more number of people as it continuously moving between the floors. It is like instead of walking in stair case lets you to top, the staircase brings you to the top.

Elevator is a lift which accommodate the certain number of people at a time and let them to move between floors. The elevator called as lift in Commonwealth countries like India.


Escalators are primarily used in large people gathering places such as malls, railway station, etc..,

Elevators are used most of the multi storied buildings such as apartments, offices and bigger institutions.


Escalator are power boozer as they have to operate continuously, whereas elevators save electricity.

Elevator can carry only 10 to 15 people at one time. But escalator can carry more than 20 people at one time.

Escalators are energy guzzlers as they have to operate continuously, whereas elevators consume electricity only when in operation.

Patients, luggage, etc can’t travel in escalator but can travel in Elevator.

Escalator does not require a specific machine room to control the system of escalator. But elevator require a specific machine room to control the elevator.

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