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instance, is accused of using the marriage between his niece and an SEC official to blunt probes. Make sure the SEC hasmisioners that are investors and not investment managers. Doing so would break the current trend of over-promoting self regulation as a panacea for investment wrong-doing. Register all investment advisers and hedge fund managers. Broker dealers of a certain size should be regulated by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Cheap Burberry black Bikinis bikini026 created bybe sure, there are other plenty of other rmendations such as dealing with credit ratings agencies taking money from the firms they rate and creating greater oversight of derivatives such as credit default swaps. But this list is a good place to start in dealing with the SEC regardless of whether it remains intact or is merged with other federal agencies. Expect reform moment to grow after Jan. 20. ?Think you're stout of mind and strong of stomach? Let's findif you can make it to the end of the following list of business acronyms without recoiling Cheap Burberry Grey Coats mcoat007 in horror: TQM 5S CI QFD JIT TRIZ (TIPS) QF Six Sigma (granted not an acronym, but still)If you didn't break into a cold sweat you obviously never worked for athe 80s and 90s at R. R. Donnelley we started and abandoned so many improvement programs some of us quit learning the names and just called them YADA, or Yet Another (Darned) Acronym. (Imagine how well that went over in kickoff meetings.)Each new program was touted as the ultimate path to improvement salvation... until the next breakthrough initiative came along, of course. While long-term success was limited, the programs weren't really the problem. The problem was a lack ofmitment and follow through at the senior level. (Am I preaching to the choir yet?)Acronym skepticism is automatic as long as we see the acronyming. Unlike canned improvement programs, some acronyms are invisible but their effect on your business is all too 's take a look at some Cheap Burberry Beige Coats 2003d acronyms that might be killing your business -- or yourfor the first business-killing acronym >>, charles louboutin; ?When my daughter told me she was going to get married, I was thrilled forI swallowed hard because I knew the wedding was going to cost me plenty of cash. Hey, I've watched "Father of the Bride" more than once!But I was surprised to find that the process has so many similarities to running a business, christian louboutinsale. Here are six things I learned: A project manager is crucial. Not only are there loads of details to tend to and multiple ways to address each one, but there's also a virtual avalanche of suggestions and advice from well-meaning friends and relatives. If you don't assign a single point of contact, you're toast. The same is true in business: A project manager keeps you focused on the vision, so you don't get mired in the details. Live by your budget. Weddings have be big business, and people spend fortunes on everything from "save the date" notices to elaborate favors for guests to take home (ours was a CD with all the important songs from the occasion). Some things are "must haves;" others are "nice-to-haves." You need a budget to tell the difference. In business, your goal is to make money. It's easier to make money if your team knows its budgetary limits in advance. That way, you don't have to manage every cost decision as it keyword:Where To Buy Burberry;Cheap Burberry Outlet Store;Cheap Burberry Handbags;zw3504301987 occurs. Know when you're making an emotional or a rational decision. Is $10,000 too much to pay for a knock-his-socks-off bridal gown -- that she'll wear just once? What is the perceived value of any single purchase? Weddings are all about emotion. And,e to think of it, so are many business decisions. For example, at Blinds, we looked at an acquisition target that would have expanded our size by 70 percent and was fun, besides! But rational thinking won out: The execution risk was just too great. Part of making rational decisions is checking references. My daughter and I were excited about the apparent expertise of one floral-design firm -- they seemed to "get it." But once we checked their references, it was clear that we could not trust them

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