High-rise buildings with choosing self drilling anchor bolt with good tensile and yield strength

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During the construction of high-rise buildings, choosing self drilling anchor bolt with good tensile and yield strength,self drilling anchor bolt has good supporting effect and has played an important role. Under simple tension or compression, the stress which plastic flow needs will increase with the deformation, that’s tension strength. After the elastic deformation of self drilling anchor bolt reaching limitation, its strength will occur fluctuation within a narrow range, then the plastic deformation begins, that’s yield strength. Actually, tensile and yield strength are functions determined by deformation speed, deformation temperature and deformation degree, these functions influence each other and have relevance with property of self drilling anchor bolt.

Generally speaking, self drilling anchor bolt’s anchorage force is determined by stability analysis, then the amount, form, size and length of self drilling anchor bolt will be confirmed. 

3. Designing foundation height and decreasing precipitation processing.

During the foundation construction of high-rise buildings, reasonable foundation height should be confirmed and precipitation processing should be decreased. Generally, the upper structure of high-rise buildings is quite stable, to avoid uneven subsidence, the foundation height should be confirmed reasonably. Researches show that precipitation processing has certain influence on uneven subsidence, which will also increase the probability of uneven subsidence.

4. Carrying out quality inspection work of foundation subsidence.

During the design process of high-rise buildings, the interaction between upper structure and foundation should be analyzed and necessary measures should be adopted to enhance buildings’ intensity, increase general bearing capacity and avoid deformation. Quality inspectors should test design parameters, stability and depth of foundation, etc. 


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