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Ting-Yun Kuang Chinese Academy of Sciences today in the;2012 China's Hainan's first Green Development Forum,; revealed that our scientists are developing solar power system.

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Ting-Yun Kuang Chinese Academy of Sciences today in the ;2012 China's Hainan's first Green Development Forum, ; revealed that our scientists are developing solar power system. ;How efficient use of solar panel(solarkollektor) is an international academic high ground, the United States, European Union and other developed countries, scientists are trying to see who can first break. ; The forum is organized by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, China's eco-Society, the China Association of Universities and old co-sponsored by the municipal government of Haikou.

Installation of solar evacuated tube more complex, such as improper installation will affect the appearance of housing, quality and appearance of the city and the city's installation of a single property management department by the restrictions. While solar water heaters installed outdoors, the majority of the roof, the roof, so have greater difficulty in maintenance. Air to water heater installation easy, stable performance, lower maintenance costs.
In summary, solar water heaters and air heaters in the price, for geographical and other aspects of their own characteristics, consumers can purchase their own needs and circumstances, it is worth noting that the air to solar vacuum tube industry is currently no unified industry standards in product quality is uneven, so consumers should pay attention to when choosing carefully screened.

Due to solar water heater contains high-tech, currently on the market, the price of air is significantly higher than the water heater solar water heater. It is worth mentioning that the state subsidy for solar home appliances to the countryside policy has also been open to the third round, while the relative air to water heaters, yet have the relevant national introduction of subsidies.
However, running costs, air to water heater to be superior. When the sun illumination is not enough, the solar water heater can not be used, need conventional energy assistance. The air heater is almost protected from the weather, all-weather hot water production.
Statistics show that the normal use of solar auxiliary systems throughout the year than the total annual power consumption of air to water heater can be high.
Application area
Subject to technical limitations, air to water heater how to minus 20 degrees Celsius in a sustainable and stable work environment is always difficult to solve technical problems. Allows air to water heater market is currently concentrated in the south. The lack of solar panel in the sun light, rain, mostly in areas of applicability are greatly reduced. At this point, the two can be described as half a dozen, by geography, climate influenced.

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