Pizzighettone 1449: intrigue in the castle (September 29th, 2012)

Pizzighettone 1449: intrigue in the castle (September 29th, 2012) PIZZIGHETTONE 1449: THE CASTLE INTRIGUE What: history of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance.

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What: history of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance.
Where: Pizzighettone (Cremona, Italy).
How: historical tell and guided tour.
When: September 29th, 2012, Saturday, 21:00.
Info: mobile (+39) 349 2203693; e-mail davide@tansini.it; Web www.tansini.it/en/1449.html.


    On September 29th, 2012, Saturday, the Gruppo Volontari Mura Association (GVM) will organize in Pizzighettone (Cremona, Italy) Pizzighettone 1449: the castle intrigue [Pizzighettone 1449: intrigo al castello] undertaking: an historical tell and a guided tour based on a fact which happened in 1449: the conquest of Pizzighettone’s castle by condottiero Francis Sforza Visconti.
    To the already wonderful scenery offered by Pizzighettone itself (laid down with its ancient fortifications alongside the banks of the Adda River), another suggestive location will join: the manifestation will take place just in the borgo walls (Cremona Gate [Porta Cremona], Ravelin [Rivellino], Tower of the Ford [Torre del Guado]), lit up for the occasion with torches and lanterns.
    Leading the undertaking Davide Tansini (historian and expert on fortified architecture, associated to Istituto Italiano dei Castelli and of Istituto per la Storia dell’Arte Lombarda) who will evoke this particular event of the Lombard Renaissance again by night . Tansini’s tell – spaced out by short played scenes – will point out the three protagonists of the event: the castle, the captain of fortune and the castellan, around whom a wider conversation about Renaissance period and its multiform historic aspects will take shape.
    In the XV Century Pizzighettone was considered a strategic locality, fortified centre on the two sides of the Adda River, in a position to control the transits among Cremona, Crema, Lodi, Pavia and Piacenza. There were a bridge upon the river, a rocchetta by the present district of Gera, town walls and a castle, run by a castellan.
    During the tell the event of Pizzighettone will interlace with those of the skilful and ambitious condottiero Francis Sforza Visconti, who in 1441 married Bianca Mary Visconti, Duke of Milan Philip Mary’s legitimate daughter: a marriage which availed him the County of Cremona, the privilege to append the prestigious Viscontean surname beside his own and an effective placing for the succession to the father-in-law, without next-of-kins.
    Basing on own personal researches, Tansini will describe the scenery of the contests among the various Italian powers which at Quattrocento’s half tried to share the Viscontean dominions out after the death of Duke Philip Mary (1447): the Golden Ambrosian Republic in Milan, Saint Mark’s Serenissima Republic in Venice, Louis of Savoy in Piedmont, the Florentine Republic in Florence.
    The night setting will be particularly suitable to evoke the interlace of wars, intrigues, negotiations, alliances and overthrowings again, which will be the involving plot of the event. In this Anthony Crivelli played a relevant part, castellan of Pizzighettone before in service of Duke Philip Mary Visconti and then of the Ambrosian Republic: in suspicion and suspicious of the régime of Milan, the castellan succeeded to catch Francis Sforza Visconti’s aims and to be drawn on his side, handing him the place of Pizzighettone over with a coup-de-main on August 28th, 1449.
    Tansini’s tell won’t confine itself to chronicle: instead, it will give rise to know social, economical and cultural aspects between late Middle Ages and Renaissance (in Pizzighettone and not only). Besides art, beliefs, customs, cooking and curiosities, there will be political events, with their inevitable sequel of hopes and disappointments; most in the public eye personalities of the time, real VIP between middle Ages and Renaissance; most felt and debated issues, such as taxes (always topical issue) and fears for an uncertain future. Hard not to retrace also in present every-day life points of connection with this only in appearance far past.
    To sum up, besides being a suggestive night guided tour by torches and lanterns-light, Pizzighettone 1449: the castle intrigue will be also a lively and involving opportunity to know and come back into history.

The undertaking Pizzighettone 1449: the castle intrigue will take place in Pizzighettone on September 29th, 2012, Saturday, starting at 21:00 from GVM Information Office in Piazza d’Armi (town walls side). The itinerary will develop prevalently inside covered rooms which will be lit up with torches and lanterns. The manifestation will take place also in case of bad weather. Duration: about 80/90 minutes. Information: mobile (+39) 349 2203693; e-mail davide@tansini.it; Web www.tansini.it/en/1449.html).

September 11th, 2012

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