PRN: Government Wireless Security Team Launches Advanced Anti-Phone Hacking App, SafeandSecureMobile

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Government Wireless Security Team Launches Advanced Anti-Phone Hacking App, SafeandSecureMobile


LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Team Responsible for Creating Specifications That Became Obama's Secure BlackBerry

In the timeliest of situations, Michael Franco, one of the nation's leading experts in secure wireless communications technology is launching his company, Safe and Secure Mobile, Inc. with the release of a new security application, using NSA approved technology as used by government agencies.  It was his team of specialists that was responsible for actions that resulted in creating a BlackBerry device secure enough to allow President Obama to regain the use of his BlackBerry after he took office in 2009. The same technology will now be made available to millions of BlackBerry and Android smartphone users worldwide beginning next week in the form of an inexpensive, downloadable application. A Symbian version is slated for release later this month and an iPhone version is slated for release by the end of August 2011.

Franco is the former head of The National Security Agency (NSA) Advanced Secure Communication Lab where he was responsible for writing specifications for what became the Presidential Secure BlackBerry. With the recent revelations about the "News of the World" phone hacking scandal, concerns about mobile phone security is no longer a rhetorical abstraction or only the problem of the rich and famous.  Anyone who uses a mobile device is at risk.

The application resides on the protected mobile device in such a way that it is completely invisible to the user. It is not displayed in the application list, user menus or user settings.  Instead, it resides silently in the protected device, undetectable even against sophisticated voltage monitoring methods.  The software continuously and unobtrusively monitors all attempts to open data ports and continuously blocks these attempts.

Quoted Michael Franco,  "With relative ease, an employee of a media company can monitor, edit, and intercept cell phone communications. However with the Ultimate Armor App software installed, intercepting and monitoring of any type on the cell phone is impossible. The SSM software is setup in such a way that it can immediately identify any surveillance program and instantly remove the program and further block and close the phone's leaking data ports. The software surpasses all known technologies due to its nature. Case in point, the application is invisible on the phone. If the public had known about the solution, situations such as the Rupert Murdoch event would quite simply never have been able to occur for it would have been impossible to monitor the phones with the application installed."

The team of experts includes scientist Frank Cole, who brings to the company a unique depth and breadth of building and analyzing secure communication platforms and software development.  He has served as an Adjunct Instructor for the National Cryptologic School where he earned multiple certificates from the same institution in areas such as Electronic Warfare/Signals Intelligence and Cryptologic Analysis.

Cole previously served as the CEO of his own company where he supported customers by developing Wi-Fi based communication systems for micro-UAVs.  In addition, he was the architect, inventor and implementer of embedded systems for wireless based intrusion detection sensors, Wireless LAN and 3G/4G technologies.  He has advised decision makers at all levels of government and the private sector.  Cole has led many technical teams in solving the architecture development of complex wired and wireless systems and has served as the mentor to academics and experienced engineers. 

Quoted Frank Cole,  "Newer technologies, especially mobile technology, have become as powerful as that in many desktop computing systems. The information that they hold however is as much or more personal and valuable to a would be hacker and presently easier to attack. Mobiles are the big targets of tomorrow and to a great degree, as shown in recent media, significant targets of today.  This is just the beginning because as we transition more of our daily lives to our phones and tablets, the higher value of a target they become.  They must be protected and that is where we come in."

About SafeandSecureMobile

SafeandSecureMobile is a privately held company that produces top-level security for mobile devices and smartphones by utilizing their extensive background in secure encrypted communications. have a strong basis entrenched in top level security projects for the US National Defense and other allied nations in the areas of wired and wireless secure, encrypted communications, network protection, and network forensics. 

The team are seasoned subject matter experts possessing the highest credentials with experience in delivering proven security solutions which serve agencies such as the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), FBI, NSA, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Special Forces and Department of Homeland Security and allied nations.


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