PRN: Launched Into Space Without Air!

Hungarian David Merlini (32)Â is about to face the most death defying challenge of his life as he attempts to hold his breath, this time in space.

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Launched Into Space Without Air!


NEW YORK, July 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

The World Record Breaking Champion for Holding his Breath is to be Launched Into Space……  Without Oxygen!

Hungarian David Merlini (32) is about to face the most death defying challenge of his life as he attempts to hold his breath, this time in space.

The 60ft long missile is set to launch Merlini into space, reaching the Stratopause in around two and a half minutes. Besides having to contend with the powerful G-forces, Merlini will only be able to breath freely up to an altitude of 15,000ft. Above this altitude usable oxygen drastically decreases.

This is the first manned missile ever built with no air supply on board for the astronaut, said Dr Tamás Ráth former Head of the Hungarian Military research Institute, and now chief of launch operations at MSPI.

The radical concept of flying in apnoea, and the reduced air supply is expected to save almost 1/3 of the take-off weight of the aircraft.

To survive Merlini will have to hold his breath until he re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and reaches an altitude of 15,000ft.

The experiment has been already tested once, with a custom made SCUD-sized missile.

About David Merlini

     Merlini started his career over 15 years ago as an escape artist. His     resume features some of the most unique stunts ever performed, such as     being embedded in a block of concrete then thrown into a river, being     frozen with liquid nitrogen, or welded in a cage with tiger sharks. After     receiving the Award for Best Escape Artist in the World, in Los Angeles,     he started to focus uniquely on his ability to hold his breath for the     longest time possible, starting from a few minutes, making it up to     21.miutes and 29.seconds recorded in 2009 on the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand     Prix starting grid before the start of the race. 


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