PRN: 'Interventional Cardiology Devices to be Worth $25.5bn by 2021' Says Visiongain Report

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'Interventional Cardiology Devices to be Worth $25.5bn by 2021' Says Visiongain Report


LONDON, September 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

A new report by visiongain, a London-based business information provider predicts the global market for interventional cardiology devices to be worth $25.5bn by 2021. The market generated $9.8bn in 2010 according to Interventional Cardiology Devices: World Market Prospects 2011-2021, published in September 2011.

Interventional cardiology is a well established technique that uses a catheter to treat heart defects and is commonly used in the treatment of coronary artery disease. The interventional cardiology market has significant opportunity to expand with the increasing prevalence of coronary artery disease, especially in the emerging economies.

Visiongain's healthcare industry analyst says 'The interventional cardiology market has enjoyed strong growth over the recent years, despite the setback of 2006/07. Growth will be driven by new technology such as, bioabsorbable stents, drug-eluting balloons and optical coherence tomography. Over the course of the next decade, there will be greater demand for interventional cardiology procedures as the number of people suffering with coronary artery disease increases.'

Visiongain's research suggests that the interventional cardiology market will benefit from the growth of healthcare markets in the emerging economies. Increasing wealth in China and India will lead to an increase in lifestyle related disorders such as diabetes and coronary artery disease. At the same time, mature markets such as the US and Japan will also experience growth, albeit slow, restrained by some regulatory and reimbursement issues discussed in detail in the report.

Visiongain analyses the coronary stent, PTCA balloon and intravascular imaging markets, with respect to the market size, leading companies and products, and pipeline developments. Visiongain predicts that this market will grow steadily to 2021, primarily driven by technological innovation and new products reaching the market. This new study adds to visiongain's wide range of analytical reports in healthcare and other industry areas.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Interventional Cardiology Devices Market Review
1.2 Overview of Chapter Content
1.3 Research and Analysis Method
1.4 Glossary of Terms Relating to Interventional Cardiology

2. Introduction to Interventional Cardiology
2.1 What is Interventional Cardiology?
2.1.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Interventional Cardiology
2.2 Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
2.3 Interventional Cardiology Procedures
2.3.1 Angioplasty Balloon Angioplasty Laser Angioplasty
2.3.2 Coronary Stenting Bare Metal Stents (BMS) Drug Eluting Stents (DES) Drugs Used in DES
2.3.3 Intravascular Imaging Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)
2.4 Regulation of Interventional Cardiology Devices
2.4.1 The US Regulation System
2.4.2 The European Regulation System Post Marketing Surveillance in the EU

3. The Global Interventional Cardiology Devices Market, 2010-2021
3.1 Interventional Cardiology Devices: Market Overview
3.1.1 Size of the Interventional Cardiology Devices Market in 2010
3.2 Regional Market Breakdown, 2010
3.2.1 The US, European and Japanese Markets
3.2.2 The Chinese and Indian Markets
3.3 Global Interventional Cardiology Devices Market Forecast, 2011-2015
3.4 Global Interventional Cardiology Devices Market Forecast, 2015-2021
3.5 Leading National Markets for Interventional Cardiology Devices: Sales Forecasts, 2011-2021
3.5.1 The US, European and Japanese Markets, 2011-2021 The US Market The European Markets The Japanese Market
3.5.2 The Chinese and Indian Markets, 2011-2021 The Chinese Market The Indian Market

4. The Coronary Stent Market, 2010-2021
4.1 Chapter Overview
4.1.1 Coronary Stent Market in 2010: Market Segments and Country/Regional Breakdown
4.1.2 Coronary Stent Market Forecast, 2011-2021
4.2 The DES Market
4.2.1 The DES Market in 2010
4.2.2 The DES Market Forecast, 2011-2015
4.2.3 The DES Market Forecast, 2015-2021
4.3 Leading Coronary Stents: Product Analysis
4.3.1 Cypher Sirolimus-Eluting Stent (Cordis, a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson)
4.3.2 Taxus Paclitaxel-Eluting Stent (Boston Scientific) Disputes Over Paclitaxel-Eluting Stents
4.3.3 Promus Everolimus-Eluting Stent (Boston Scientific)
4.3.4 Xience V Everolimus-Eluting Stent (Abbott Vascular)
4.3.5 Endeavor (Medtronic)
4.3.6 BioMatrix (Biosensors International)
4.4 The Coronary Stent Pipeline
4.4.1 Jactax (Boston Scientific)
4.4.2 MiStent (MiCell Technologies)
4.4.3 Synergy (Boston Scientific)
4.4.4 BioFreedom (Biosensors International)
4.4.5 VESTAsync (MIV Therapeutics)
4.4.6 Catania (CeloNova BioSciences)
4.4.7 Genous Combo (OrbusNeich)
4.5 Bioabsorbable Drug Eluting Stents
4.6 SWOT Analysis of the DES Market, 2011-2021
4.6.1 Strengths DES Are More Effective Than BMS Continuous Innovation Continuously-Evolving Market
4.6.2 Weaknesses Stent Thrombosis The Success of DES Compared with Other Treatments
4.6.3 Opportunities Increase in Coronary Artery Disease Moving Away from Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
4.6.4 Threats Small Number of Companies Operating in the US and Japan The Drug May Become More Important Than the Stent The DES Market is Still Emerging

5. The PTCA Balloon Market, 2010-2021
5.1 PTCA Balloon: Market Overview
5.1.1 PTCA Balloon Market is Dominated by Four Companies, 2010
5.1.2 PTCA Balloon Market Forecast, 2011-2021
5.2 PTCA Balloon Pipeline
5.2.1 Drug Eluting Balloons (DEBs)
5.2.2 DEB Market Forecast, 2011-2021
5.2.3 DEBs Currently in Development ELUTAX (Aachen Resonance) SeQuent Please (B.Braun Melsungen) DIOR (Eurocor) IN.PACT Amphirion (Invatec) Moxy (Lutonix) Pantera Lux (Biotronik)
5.3 SWOT Analysis of the PTCA Balloon Market, 2011-2021
5.3.1 Strengths Well Established, Mature Sector of the Market May Avoid the Need for a Permanent Coronary Stent and Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
5.3.2 Weaknesses Standard PTCA has a High Rate of Restenosis Only a Small Number of Companies Operate in the Market
5.3.3 Opportunities Controversy Regarding Stent Safety Rise in the Number of People with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
5.3.4 Threats Drugs and Stents Could Become More Important than PTCA Balloon Procedures The DEB Market is Still Emerging

6. The Intravascular Imaging Market, 2010-2021
6.1 The Intravascular Imaging Market in 2010
6.2 Intravascular Imaging Forecast, 2011-2015
6.3 Intravascular Imaging Forecast, 2015-2021
6.4 Intravascular Imaging Pipeline
6.4.1 Next Generation Imaging Technologies High-Definition Intravascular Ultrasound (Silicon Valley Medical Instruments) High-Resolution MicroOCT (Centre for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital) Forward Looking Intravascular Ultrasound (FLIVUS) (Volcano Corporation) Virtual Histology Intravascular Ultrasound (VH IVUS) (Volcano Corporation)
6.4.2 Multimodality Imaging Lipiscan (InfraReDx) Intravascular Ultrasound Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging System (University of California at Irvine)
6.4.3 Image Guided Therapies Vibe RX Vascular Imaging Balloon Catheter (Volcano Corporation)
6.5 SWOT Analysis of the Intravascular Imaging Market, 2011-2021
6.5.1 Strengths Provides Cardiologists with Useful Information Higher Resolution Image than Coronary Angiography Strong Intravascular Imaging Pipeline
6.5.2 Weaknesses Expensive Technology That May Limit its Appeal Adds Significant Time and Risk to the Procedure
6.5.3 Opportunities Image Guided Therapy Offers Higher Efficacy than Stenting Alone Increasing Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease
6.5.4 Threats Small Number of Companies Operate in the Market Low Reimbursement Rates Threaten to Prevent Widescale Use

7. Interventional Cardiology Devices Market: Analysis by Company, 2010
7.1 Boston Scientific
7.1.1 Boston Scientific Interventional Cardiology Sales, 2010
7.1.2 Boston Scientific Interventional Cardiology Rankings, 2010
7.1.3 Boston Scientific Pipeline
7.2 Abbott Vascular
7.2.1 Abbott Vascular Sales, 2010
7.2.2 Abbott Vascular Interventional Cardiology Rankings, 2010
7.2.3 Abbott Vascular Pipeline
7.3 Medtronic
7.3.1 Medtronic Sales, 2010
7.3.2 Medtronic Interventional Cardiology Rankings, 2010
7.3.3 Medtronic Pipeline
7.4 Volcano Corporation
7.4.1 Volcano Corporation Sales, 2010
7.4.2 Volcano Corporation Interventional Cardiology Ranking, 2010
7.4.3 Volcano Corporation Pipeline
7.5 Cordis Corporation (a Johnson & Johnson Company)
7.5.1 Cordis Sales, 2010
7.5.2 Cordis Rankings, 2010
7.5.3 Cordis Pipeline
7.6 St. Jude Medical
7.6.1 St. Jude Medical Sales, 2010
7.6.2 St. Jude Medical Pipeline

8. Expert Opinions
8.1 Interview with Guillermo Tearney, Professor of Pathology at The Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School
8.1.1 The Intravascular Imaging Market
8.1.2 The Novel MicroOCT System Currently being Developed by Professor Tearney at Harvard University
8.1.3 The International Working Group for Intracoronary OCT Standardization and Validation
8.2 Interview with Zhongping Chen, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of California
8.2.1 The Intravascular Imaging Market
8.2.2 The Combined IVUS/OCT System Currently being Developed by Professor Chen at the University of California

9. Conclusions
9.1 The Interventional Cardiology Devices Market, 2011-2021
9.1.1 Growth will be Driven by Emerging Markets
9.2 The Coronary Stent Market, 2011-2021
9.2.1 Innovation Will Drive Growth in the DES Market
9.2.2 DES May Be Challenged by Other Stenting Technologies
9.3 The PTCA Balloon Market, 2011-2021
9.3.1 DEBs Will See Rapid Growth
9.4 The Intravascular Imaging Market, 2011-2021

Appendix A
Appendix B
Visiongain report evaluation form

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