MINERAL WATER RICH IN MAGNESIUM - 356 mg/L. MINERAL WATER RICH IN MAGNESIUM - 356 mg/L Flows at the Springs of Bognanco, Piedmont - Italy, the mineral water most rich in magnesium of Italy.

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Flows at the Springs of Bognanco, Piedmont - Italy, the mineral water most rich in magnesium of Italy. With its high content (356 mg/L), the San Lorenzo spring is a true miracle of nature: alkaline, mineral-rich, bicarbonate-sulphate-earthy, naturally effervescent and ferruginous. It is well-known for its therapeutic water treatments, used in oncology, hydrocolontherapy and sports. Currently it is bottled under the brands Melenos Aquapower for Sports or Lindos for medical use.

Magnesium is responsible for many essential metabolic processes and is involved in around 300 enzyme reactions. In particular fights cellulite, diabetes, osteoporosis, blood pressure, stress and depression, fatigue, cramps and lactic acid, it helps in premenstrual syndrome and also people making physical activity. Inside the body it is essential for the proper functioning of nerve cells, the transmission of electrical impulses, and energy production. By counteracting the stimulatory effect of calcium, magnesium plays an important role in neuromuscular contractions and is therefore useful in cramps and muscle tension of nervous origin. It has a good action as a modulator of mood and facilitate the improvement of insulin sensitivity, thus being able to intervene in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is important for the formation of bones and teeth. It stimulates the absorption and metabolism of other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, and improves the use of vitamin B complex and vitamins C and E. Magnesium is found in many foods, but cooking reduces the availability up to 75% and for this reason, today we speak of a constant shortage of magnesium (see table below) and its consequences. For these reasons the mineral water rich in magnesium has a vital role in our health.

But let's start from the history of Bognanco thermal springs and some curiosities. Everything began in 1863, two years after the unification of Italy, by a young girl who was amazed of the "tingling" of a water spring and though of drinking a sort of Italian spirit named “grappa”. In a short time Bognanco became a climatic and thermal health resort of the most famous of Italy. At the beginning of the twentieth century is documented that Italian parliamentary Deputies were drinking mineral water Ausonia in Rome. In 1928 the mineral water of Bognanco was the first in Italy to be bottled with a fully automated process, with the license number 5 and 6 of the Italian Kingdom. In the thirties the mineral water Ausonia crossed the Atlantic ocean to be exported in the United States of America. Between the two wars the medical director was Doctor Carlo Angela, respectively father and grandfather of famous Italian television anchormen Piero and Alberto Angela. Doctor Angela was responsible for the encoding of therapeutic water treatments of Bognanco. Through the years still remain the same properties and therapeutic benefits of the three sources that have shaped the history of Italian thermal tourism: San Lorenzo, Ausonia and Gaudenziana.

But let’s now return to the San Lorenzo spring "the source of magnesium": it is fundamental for the therapeutic water treatments of Bognanco, in agreement with the Italian Sanitary System. Unlike other mineral waters with similar curative properties, the San Lorenzo is very pleasant to the taste, is fresh and naturally effervescent, thanks to the abundance of bicarbonate which generates free carbon dioxide. Its diuretic (and in some cases laxative) properties are just some manifest effects of much more complex and beneficial pharmacological activities. It does not cause particular intolerances unless an excessive dosage.

INDICATIONS: Diseases of the stomach, duodenum, liver and bile ducts, small intestine and large intestine, hydrocolontherapy. Particularly suitable for the integration of mineral-salts, it is suggested for sports, people making physical activity and women. The doctors of Bognanco thermal springs determine the dosage of the hydro-mineral treatment by specifying typology and quantity of water to swallow, breaks between a glass and the other, which diet need to be integrated with the hydro-mineral treatment depending on the type of disease and related to the health conditions (cardiac function, circulatory, renal, liver, etc.) always different case by case. By keeping its properties unchanged even in the bottle (with the brands Melenos Aquapower for Sports or Lindos for the medical sector) it is possible to have the water San Lorenzo also off-season, at home, away from Bognanco thermal springs.



Babies up to 6 months:              30 mg/day

Infants 7 to 12 months:               75 mg/day

Children 1 to 3 years:                  80 mg/day

Children 4 - 8 years:                  130 mg/day

Boys 9 to 13 years:                  240 mg/day

Boys 14 to 18 years:                410 mg/day

Girls 9 to 13 years:                   240 mg/day

Girls 14 to 18 years:                 360 mg/day

Men 19 to 30 years:                  400 mg/day

Men 31 to 70 years:                  420 mg/day

Men > 70 years:                       420 mg/day

Women 19 to 30 years:             310 mg/day

Women 31 to 70 years:             320 mg/day

Women > 70 years:                  320 mg/day

Pregnancy 14 - 18 years:          400 mg/day

Pregnancy 19 to 30 years:        350 mg/day

Pregnancy 31 to 50 years:        360 mg/day

Lactation 14 - 18 years:             360 mg/day

Lactation 19 to 30 years:           310 mg/day

Lactation 31 to 50 years:           320 mg/day

Source: Wikipedia and National Academy of science


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