PRN: Hard Pressed Energy Customers Struggling to Afford Rising Cost of Living

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Hard Pressed Energy Customers Struggling to Afford Rising Cost of Living


CHESTER, England, September 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

  • 71 per cent of British consumers will need to turn to their savings, credit cards or overdraft to fund rising fuel bills
  • Full round of price hikes from the big six energy providers adds an average 17.4 per cent to gas bills and 10.8 per cent to electricity bills
  • Now is the time to review your finances, urges MoneySupermarket

The most recent round of energy price hikes added an average £155.75 per year to the cost of energy bills, and with the overall cost of living continuing to spiral, 71 per cent of British consumers will need to turn to their savings, credit cards or overdraft to fund rising bills, according to

A poll conducted by Britain's number one comparison site found two fifths of consumers (42 per cent) will need to dip into their savings to cover the additional energy costs. A further 17 per cent stated they will have to use their overdraft, while 12 per cent admitted they'd need to put the cost on their credit card as they would struggle to pay their bills.

Scott Byrom, energy manager at, said: "UK households are being pushed to the limit at the moment, so it's no surprise to see so many turning to their savings to make ends meet. However, consumers should try to avoid dipping into savings pots to pay for energy bills and instead examine their whole finances to establish where they can reduce their monthly outgoings.

"Those turning to credit cards or an overdraft to fund basic household bills need to be careful; while it's no bad thing to use credit to help manage outgoings occasionally, consumers must ensure they can repay any money they borrow or they run the risk of falling into a spiral of debt. A credit card can provide a short term cash flow solution but you need to be disciplined and make sure you pay off the amount before the next bill arrives.

"Bill payers will be reeling from the recent price hikes, yet despite the choice available for both gas and electricity, the majority of UK households are staying loyal to their energy provider, with 57 per cent of households never switching[2], and are therefore paying way over the odds for their gas and electricity. The latest price increases have added an average to 17.4 per cent to the cost of gas and 10.8 per cent to the cost of electricity, resulting in average annual standard bills of £1,322[3], now really isn't the time to be apathetic. Those who aren't shopping around for the best deal, are simply burning money; finding the right tariff for your consumption level and region means bill payers could save on average £313[3] per year. For example, the cheapest online tariff available is E.ON's Save Online V9 at £982 on average, but, for £1,009 per year on average, EDF Energy's Fix S@ver v2 product ! offers a safeguard against price hikes until Sept 2012 for only £27 a year more"

Notes to editors:

[1]Web poll run on the site between Friday 16th and Sunday 25th   September 2011:

Energy price rises are adding about £200 a year to household bills. Will you struggle to cover increasing living costs?

  • Yes - I'll have to dip into my savings - 42.4%
  • Yes - I'll have to put more on my credit card - 11.6%
  • Yes - I'll have to use my overdraft more - 16.9%
  • No - I can manage on my monthly income - 23.6%
  • I don't know - 5.6%

Total votes: 6,384

[2] According to a survey by Ofgem, 58% of gas customers have never switched their supplier while 57% of electricity customers have never switched. Therefore at least 12.3 million households have never switched supplier

[3]Incumbent Vs Best Tariff

                                   Best Value Tariff Incumbent                    Incumbent                           v Best Incumbent     Region            Tariff                (Fixed)     Value    v Best                                           Potential Potential                                              Saving    Saving                  Total (GBP)   Tariff    Bill (GBP)       GBP         %                                   EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     Eastern      GBP1,339.45 s@ver v2     GBP997.98 GBP341.47    25.49%                                     EDF                                Energy       East                          Fix     Midlands     GBP1,325.83 s@ver v2     GBP993.34 GBP332.49    25.08%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     London       GBP1,293.38 s@ver v2   GBP1,014.23 GBP279.15    21.58%                                     EDF                                Energy       North Wales                   Fix     & Liverpool  GBP1,373.36 s@ver v2   GBP1,023.47 GBP349.89    25.48%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     Midlands     GBP1,332.90 s@ver v2   GBP1,003.73 GBP329.17    24.70%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     Northern     GBP1,327.50 s@ver v2     GBP987.99 GBP339.51    25.58%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     North West   GBP1,351.30 s@ver v2     GBP995.85 GBP355.45    26.30%                                     EDF                                Energy       North                         Fix     Scotland     GBP1,281.31 s@ver v2   GBP1,032.11 GBP249.20    19.45%                                Scottish                                 Power                                Online                                   fix     South                       saver     Scotland     GBP1,362.71   Dec 12   GBP1,015.23 GBP347.48    25.50%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     South East   GBP1,296.71 s@ver v2     GBP999.72 GBP296.99    22.90%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     Southern     GBP1,293.98 s@ver v2   GBP1,016.61 GBP277.37    21.43%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     South Wales  GBP1,309.13 s@ver v2   GBP1,035.57 GBP273.56    20.90%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     South West   GBP1,316.35 s@ver v2   GBP1,026.45 GBP289.90    22.02%                                     EDF                                Energy                                     Fix     Yorkshire    GBP1,298.10 s@ver v2     GBP973.23 GBP324.87    25.03%       Average      GBP1,321.57            GBP1,008.25 GBP313.32    23.67%   

Based on medium usage consumption                                                  

Sourced by 19.09.2011                                      

Price rises announced by UK energy companies Summer 2011

                                Electricity     Average                   Gas increase    increase    Standard       Date       Date     Provider               (%)         (%)      tariff  announced  effective     Scottish Power          19          10 GBP1,391.21 07/06/2011 01/08/2011     British Gas             18          16 GBP1,286.04 08/07/2011 18/08/2011     Scottish and     Southern                18          11 GBP1,265.00 21/07/2011 14/09/2011     E.ON                    18          12 GBP1,254.55 05/08/2011 13/09/2011     npower                  16           7 GBP1,289.00 16/08/2011 01/10/2011     EDF Energy            15.4         4.5 GBP1,241.00 15/09/2011 10/11/2011     Average               17.4       10.08 GBP1,287.80 

Standard / Online / Fixed - New consumption rates

                          Average                         Standard    Average Best     Provider              Tariff          Tariff              Fixed Tariff                                      GBP1,125.42               GBP1,217.41     British Gas                      GBP1,286.04    Web Saver 12       Fixed Price June 12     EDF Energy                       GBP1,009.05               GBP1,009.05       (wef 10th Nov)   GBP1,241.00 Fixed S@aver v2           Fixed S@aver v2                                        GBP982.00               GBP1,189.88       E.ON             GBP1,254.55   SaveOnline v9        Fixed Price Apr 13     npower                             GBP982.51               GBP1,126.52       (wef 1st Oct)    GBP1,282.43  Sign Online 23                  Go Fix 7                                      GBP1,190.20               GBP1,020.29     Scottish Power                      GBP1,391.21   Online Energy Online Fixed Saver Dec 12                                      GBP1,142.18               GBP1,142.18     Scottish &     Southern         GBP1,265.00     Price Fix 6               Price Fix 6     Average          GBP1,287.80     GBP1,071.90               GBP1,117.56 

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