PRN: 'The Global Hetnets Market is Expected to Reach $19.2 Billion in 2016' Says Latest visiongain Report

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'The Global Hetnets Market is Expected to Reach $19.2 Billion in 2016' Says Latest visiongain Report


LONDON, November 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Visiongain's latest management report "Small Cells Report 2011-2016: Analysing the Business Case of Heterogeneous Networks" offers an in-depth analysis of all the latest developments in this exciting and emerging market.  

Smartphones and tablets are becoming devices of choice for consumers. With increasing mobility advantage offered by these devices, consumers have come to expect a high standard of network connectivity at all times. As a result, the data traffic has increased from 0.24 exabytes/ month in 2010 to 0.6 exabytes/ month in 2011.

The solution for the rising wireless broadband capacity crunch through heterogeneous networks (Hetnets) comprising of macro cells and a range of small cell solutions namely micro cells, pico cells, carrier Wi-Fi and femto cells is discussed within this report. In addition, the report provides industry viewpoints, case studies and diverse scenario analysis.

The small cells market is in its nascent stages and stakeholders are still considering best approach to deployment. Femto cell vendors have succeeded in developing operational and automated deployment features that are critical to the small cell networks. Visiongain expects both pico cells and carrier metro cells to become fully proven and complete solutions by 2013.

In addition, carrier Wi-Fi is a complementary technology to small cell technology and can act as both stress-relief for congested mobile networks and as an alternative in case of delays to the 3G/ 4G small cell technologies deployments. By analysing this and similar developments, we provide an insight into the best approach to Hetnets deployment and revenue channels.

The report analyses the strategies of key stakeholders in the small cells ecosystem. Visiongain believes that understanding the competitive landscape and identifying voids will help the players in designing monetising strategies and gain early movers advantage.

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Table of Contents
E. Executive Summary
E1. Increasing Data Traffic and Need for Additional Network Capacity
E2. Addressing Deployment Aspects to Increase Operator Profitability
E3. Status of Small Cells Deployments
E4. Market Outlook
E5. Key Findings of the Report

1. Introduction and Market Overview
1.1 Defining Small Cells
1.1.1 Micro Cell
1.1.2 Pico Cell
1.1.3 Femto Cell
1.2 Market Drivers
1.2.1 Smartphone Availability and Penetration Impact of Smartphones from the Mobile Operator's Perspective
1.2.2 App Downloads Increasing
1.2.3 Mobile Broadband on the Rise Growing Business Demand for High-Speed Broadband in Emerging Markets Spurs Network Expansion
1.2.4 M2M Devices Rising Challenges Presented By M2M on Networks Prone to Congestion Massive Number of Devices Diverse Services Different QoS Requirements
1.2.5 Connected Homes
1.2.6 Mobile Video
1.2.7 Need for In-Building Coverage Enterprise Demands for In-building Coverage
1.3 Aim of the Report
1.3.1 Structure of the Report Market Definition Key Questions Answered by this Report:
1.4 Target Audience
1.5 Methodology

2. Hetnet Business Models & Operator Strategies
2.1 Hetnet Architecture
2.2 Baseband Pooling
2.3 Traffic Management Strategies for Operators
2.3.1 Traffic Offload via Micro Cells and Pico Cells
2.3.2 Traffic Offload via Femto Cell Femto Cells: Challenges and Solutions Femto Cell Transmit Power Self Calibration
2.3.3 Traffic Offload via Wi-Fi
2.4 Comparing Small Cells Approach to Hetnets
2.4.1 Micro cells versus Wi-Fi Performance Large Macro Cell (Low Density) Small Macro Cell (High Density) Other Technical Considerations Mobility Quality of Service Security Self Organising Network (SON)
2.5 Design of Hetnets
2.5.1 Deployment Aspects and Choice of Radio Access Technology Small Cells in 3G Networks Small Cells in 4G Networks
2.5.2 Type of Low Power Node and Backhaul Solution
2.5.3 Equipments Serving the Hetnets Architecture Hetnet Architecture Layers and Radio Access Equipment Sectors Technology for Cell Site Backhaul

3. Small Cells Vendors, Strategies & Product Portfolio
3.1 Small Cells Drivers
3.2 Direction of Future Market Development
3.2.1 Need for SON in Hetnets
3.2.2 Huawei's Single SON Feature
3.2.3 LTE Will Fuel Small Cells Deployment
3.3 The SingleRAN: Huawei
3.3.1 Huawei's Customers
3.3.2 Case Study: China Unicom
3.4 lightRadio: Alcatel Lucent
3.4.1 Components of lightRadio Product Family
3.4.2 lightRadio: Benefits
3.4.3 Alcatel Lucent's Customers
3.5 AIR (Antenna Integrated Radio): Ericsson
3.5.1 AIR Benefits
3.5.2 AIR Product Specification & Features
3.5.3 Integrated Carrier Wi-Fi
3.6 Liquid Radio and Liquid Net: Nokia Siemens Networks
3.6.1 Flexi Multiradio Antenna System
3.7 4G Small Cells Products: Picochip
3.7.1 PC 9608/9
3.7.2 Integrated 3G Femto & Wi-Fi solution: Picochip
3.8 Cloud RAN Wireless Networking Solution: ZTE
3.8.1 The Trial Results
3.9 Samsung's 4G Small Cells Solutions
3.10 Hetnet Small Cells Market Evolving into Hyper Competitive Market
3.10.1 The Patents War

4. Hetnets Market Forecasts and Outlook
4.1 Femto Cell Market Forecasts and Future Outlook (2011- 2016)
4.1.1 Femto Cell Market Heating Up With Vendors Setting Base
4.1.2 Regional Outlook for Femto Cells
4.1.3 Femto Cell Shipments Gaining Traction
4.1.4 Femto Cell Market Survey
4.2 Pico cell Market Forecasts and Future Outlook (2011- 2016)
4.2.1 Pico cell Revenues Set to Boom In The Near Future
4.2.2 Pico Cell: A Boon for Metros and Cities
4.2.3 Pico cells: A Way for Indoor Networks
4.2.4 Regional Outlook for Pico Cells
4.3 Micro cell Market Forecasts and Future Outlook (2011- 2016)
4.3.1 Micro cell Market Still Developing Yet Still the Most Prominent Small Cells Market
4.3.2 CAPEX Savings Seen As a Driving Factor for Micro Cells
4.3.3 Regional Outlook for Micro Cells
4.4 Wi-Fi Market Forecasts and Future Outlook (2011- 2016)
4.4.1 Wi-Fi Market Up and Speeding
4.4.2 High Competition in the Wi-Fi Market
4.4.3 In-Flight Wi-Fi: A Unique Opportunity
4.4.4 Increase in Wi-Fi Direct Devices Shipment in 2011 and in Future
4.4.5 Regional Outlook for Wi-Fi
4.4.6 Wi-Fi Chipsets in All Spheres of Our Lives
4.5 Consumer Needs and Expectations of Mobile Services at Home
4.5.1 UK
4.5.2 Germany
4.6 Leading Regions and Vendors in Hetnets Markets

5. Conclusion
5.1 Rising Traffic Volumes and Demanding Customers
5.2 Vendors Build a Strong Case for Small Cell Architectures
5.2.1 Small Cells and LTE
5.2.2 Integrated Antenna Systems Favouring Growth of Small Cells
5.2.3 Small Cell Deployment Challenges and SONs
5.3 Wi-Fi Offloading and its Challenges
5.4 Operator Benefits from Small Cells: Increased Revenue, Reduced Cost
5.5 Small Cells to Provide 2G, 3G And 4G Access in One Solution
5.6 Femto Competition Driving Free Offerings
5.7 Key Findings of the Research

Appendix A
About visiongain

Appendix B
Visiongain Report Evaluation Form

Appendix C
Report Methodology

Companies Listed
Alcatel Lucent
Barnes & Noble
BelAir Networks
Bell Labs
Broadcom/ Percello
Cellular South, US
China Mobile
China Unicom, Shanghai
CMCC, China
Cosmote, Greece
D- Link
DesignArt Networks
Deutswche Telecom
Matsushita Electric
MetroPCS, US
Mirror Online
Network Norway
Nokia Siemens Networks
Orange, France
PCCW, Asia
SFR, France
SK Telecom
Texas Instruments
The Guardian
TP- Link
Verizon Wireless
Vimpelcom, Russia
Virgin America
Vodafone, Czech Republic
Vodafone, Italy
Vodafone, Netherlands
Vodafone, UK

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