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It's Offical - British Men are More Romantic Than British Women


LONDON, February 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

This Valentine's Day, love struck Britons will boost the economy by £880 million on romantic gifts

(Men will spend £611m and women will spend £269m)

For decades, British men have suffered a bad rap for being less romantic than women but new research released today has revealed a new movement in the British male species. Findings from a study of 5,000 adults has identified in modern Britain, men are more romantic than women. Today's British man is happy to lose some of his macho-ness for a more, softer, romantic approach when wooing women.        

The study undertaken by UK budget hotel brand Travelodge to seek the nation's views on love and romance found more men than women love the notion of Valentine's Day. Over a third (36%) of British men think Valentine's Day is romantic, whilst only 24% of women buy into it.

Research findings also revealed that despite the current strains on Britons' finances, loved up Brits will be boosting the economy by £880 million[1] this Valentine's Day on romantic themed purchases.  

British men will be splashing more cash this year compared to 2011 on wooing their other half with romantic gifts. On average, males across the country will be spending twice the amount of money on presents than women this Valentine's Day.

When questioned as to why men are spending more on a gift this Valentine's day, 42% of respondents stated the last 12 months have been difficult financially as well as emotionally and Valentine's Day offers the ideal opportunity for them to showcase their love for their partner.    

On average 68% of men will be splashing £39.99 on Valentine's gifts this year which is £4.41 more than the amount they spent in 2011. In comparison 45% of women on average will only be spending £20.25 on a gift for their partner which is £1.96 less than the amount they spent last year. (In total men will be spending approximately £611 million[2] and women will be spending approximately £269 million[3] in total)    

The top ten gifts men and women will be purchasing for their Valentine this year are listed in the table below:

     Ranking   Valentine gifts purchased by men  Valentine gifts purchased by women        1                Flowers                          Chocolates        2              Chocolates                      A romantic meal        3            A romantic meal                      Aftershave        4                Perfume                 Bottle of Champagne / spirit        5             A cuddly toy               Whisking partner to a hotel        6      Whisking partner to a hotel            A game for console        7               Lingerie                          Book / DVD        8    Whisking partner on a UK short break        A cuddly toy        9         A piece of jewellery                    Underwear       10           Beauty treatment                       Flowers 

Further research findings revealed over a third (36%) of British men think it's important to buy flowers for their other half on Valentine's Day - as it's the expected thing to do. Seventy eight per cent of male respondents did state in the research that they get annoyed that flower prices suddenly increase in the lead up to Valentine's Day. A fifth of male respondents reported this year they will purchase flowers well before Valentine's Day to avoid the price increase and hide the flowers in their garage or in the boot of their car.      

Interestingly, nearly half of the women (48%) surveyed stated they are bored of receiving the same old tiresome Valentines gifts of flowers, champagne, chocolate and lingerie. Four out of ten females said they would like to be whisked away on a short break and spend some quality time with their partner. One in ten women would like their lover to write them a love letter or poem declaring their love whilst 12% of females would like their other half  to cook them a romantic meal from scratch and to wash up afterwards.  

Relationship Psychologist, Corinne Sweet, said: "The high cost of romance is not surprising in today's 'easy buy/time poor' culture. Many people, especially men, spend money to please or appease, when their partners would simply like to have more time, thought and appreciation from them. It's easy to click a button or flash a card to buy love, in comparison to spending some quality time together; cooking a meal, giving a massage or making a card. However, the personal touch, the little thoughtful gesture, is often more a sign of true love and commitment than extravagant, OTT romantic gestures."

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: "Our research highlights love may be priceless but romance doesn't have to cost the earth. British men are certainly taking the lead in the game of love but they do need to be a bit more creative and thoughtful to really win over their beloved. Most women want to be romanced and spend quality time with their man. Don't be predictable with flowers and chocolates this year, for the same amount of money you could whisk your partner away for a romantic break and create some new magical memories."

"We have seen a growing trend of cost conscious consumers choosing a Travelodge hotel as a romantic getaway in the last couple of years; as it helps their money go further. The pounds they save on accommodation, they can spend on eating out in a top restaurant or have fun visiting the local attractions."

"In our recent £10 sale, rooms for February 14th were selling like hot cakes. Top destinations included coastal locations such as Brighton, Scarborough, Torquay and Blackpool. Rural hotspots, such as The Lake District, Cotswold, Yorkshire Dales; as well as historic cities which included: London, Edinburgh, Bath, Cambridge and Oxford."

Further research findings revealed over two thirds of men reported they would like more romance in their lives. Seventy two per cent of males stated they take romantic inspiration from films and movies and one in ten men admitted to stealing ideas from their mates' relationships. Male respondents voted Casablanca as their top all time most romantic movie.               

The research identified the one thing both men and women both agree on is their most inspiring romantic couple ever is Romeo and Juliet.  

Further research findings are listed below:

On average a fifth of British men will tell their partner they love them five times during the day. A third of men will say the magic three words to their partner I love you every morning and evening    

A fifth of British men feel disappointed by the effort their partner puts into making Valentine's Day special for them 

With 2012 also being a leap year 26% of single men would like their girlfriend to ask them to marry her whilst 36% of British men think it is a man's job to propose to a woman.

                          Average spend for Average spend for                           Valentine's Day  Valentine's Day   Difference in            Region            for 2012        for 2011           spend            Anglia            GBP23.22        GBP20.11          + GBP3.11        East Midlands         GBP19.06        GBP22.47          - GBP3.41            London            GBP27.76        GBP27.75             +1p          North East          GBP26.97        GBP23.87          + GBP3.10          North West          GBP25.89        GBP25.09            +80p       Northern Ireland       GBP28.77        GBP32.69          - GBP3.92           Scotland           GBP24.63        GBP28.91          - GBP4.28          South East          GBP23.66        GBP22.59          + GBP1.07            Wales             GBP25.33        GBP27.87          - GBP2.54        West Midlands         GBP28.15        GBP27.64            +51p          South West          GBP22.59        GBP22.69            -10p         Yorkshire &          Humberside          GBP27.28        GBP27.18            +10p 

The top ten all time most romantic couples as voted by Britons are:

  1. Romeo & Juliet
  2. Elizabeth & Darcy
  3. Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
  4. Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge
  5. Heathcliff & Catherine
  6. Jane Eyre & Mr Rochester
  7. Anthony & Cleopatra
  8. Shrek & Princess Fiona
  9. Cinderella & Prince Charming
  10. Homer & Marge Simpson


Notes to Editors:  

The survey was conducted in February 2012 with 5,000 British adults.

The calculations  


[1]Total spend = £611,610 419 + £268,655,434 = £880,265,853

[2]32% of men will not spending any money on Valentine's Day this year

  32% of total male adult population is (22,491, 300) 15,294,084 (7,197,216)   

  15,294,084 x average spend on Valentine's Day is £39.99 = £611,610 419

[3]45% of women will not spending any money on Valentine's Day this year

  45% of total female adult population is (24,121,700) 13,266 935 (10,854,765)   

  13,266,935 x average spend on Valentine's Day is £20.25 = £268,655,434

See below for further research findings:

Top ten romantic gestures  

  1. Being whisked away for a romantic break
  2. Having a romantic meal cooked for you
  3. Hear the magic three words 'I love you' when you least expect to
  4. Your partner writing you a love letter
  5. Your partner making you a cup of tea
  6. Cuddling up in bed and talking
  7. Cuddling up in bed and watching a romantic movie
  8. Your partner reading to you in bed
  9. Cleaning the bathroom

Top ten romantic locations as voted by Britons:

  1. The Lake District
  2. London
  3. Bath
  4. The Scottish Highlands
  5. The Cotswold
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Cornwall
  8. Gretna Green
  9. York
  10. Yorkshire Dales

The nation's all time most romantic couple:

  1. Romeo & Juliet
  2. Elizabeth & Darcy
  3. Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
  4. Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge
  5. Heathcliff & Catherine
  6. Jane Eyre & Mr Rochester
  7. Anthony & Cleopatra
  8. Shrek & Princess Fiona
  9. Cinderella & Prince Charming
  10. Homer & Marge Simpson


For Further information, please contact:

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge, M: +44(0)7802-702-499

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