PRN: Manly Manners -- the edgy, sexy, thought-provoking book on lifestyle and etiquette for the modern man by Senator Wayne James -- to be released in November 2014

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Manly Manners -- the edgy, sexy, thought-provoking book on lifestyle and etiquette for the modern man by Senator Wayne James -- to be released in November 2014


NEW YORK, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Move over, 'Miss Manners'â€�” please!  Manners is a man's job. And there is now a man reporting for duty," says Wayne James, former senator and author of Manly Manners:  Lifestyle & Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century. The book is elegant and sophisticated, but edgy; sexy and witty, yet meticulously researched and immensely informative; classic though iconoclastic; spiritual at times, irreverent at other times; and as thought-provoking as it is shock-invoking. And top hats off to the bare-chested Brazilian muscleboy on the book's cover whose youthfulness serves to entice ordinary, 21st-century young menâ€�”his contemporariesâ€�”into picking up and reading a book on manners.  Manly Manners candidly answers questions and addresses topics which many grown men are too embarrassed to even ! broachâ€�”but wish they could.  An entire chapter, for example, is devoted to the subject of sex; and discussed therein is everything from the etiquette associated with random, spontaneous sex to sex for the quasi-godly purpose of procreation, and from masturbation to howâ€�”and whenâ€�”to pay a callgirl or callboy (where it is legal, of course!).  The book also identifies, explores, and offers a solution for 21st-century man's dirty, little, subconscious fearâ€�”described by James as "The Masculine Obsolete"â€�”the corollary to the female "problem that has no name" unveiled by Betty Friedan in her groundbreaking 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique. Manly Manners, thenâ€�”from cover to coverâ€�”is unlike any other book on manners.

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Should a glass of red wine be held one way, and a glass of white, another? How should a gentleman suggest an enema prior to engaging in anal sex? Should a man precede or follow a lady up a flight of stairs? Does the rule change when descending stairs? How does a young man identify his geniusâ€�”the thing that he was born to do and  is genetically predisposed to being better at than anyone else on the face of the Earth?  What are the new and emerging guidelines for planning a same-sex wedding?  How should the husband of a baron or count be addressed? (Certainly not as "baroness" or "countess"!). Is the husband of a president or governor a "First-Gentleman"?  Which is better for eating caviar:  a silver spoon or a plastic one?  What is the difference between vin santo and amarone? What should a young man do if he gets an erection during a professional massage? Roll over and play dead?  Many Western men use forks and wear pants, but how many of them know the Byzantine ! origins of the fork, or that trousers originated in the horse-riding cultures of the East? And what distinguishes a bespoke suit from a made-to-measure one? Such topicsâ€�”and many more, some more mundane, others much more arcaneâ€�”are addressed in the 20 chapters and over 800 pages of Manly Manners. The book is divided into two parts, Part I devoted to the cultivation of the inner, spiritual man; and Part II's focus is on the outer, social man. The author's premise is that ethics should precede etiquette in a gentleman's journey towards refinement. To that end, this book on manners delves into matters such as whether divinityâ€�”which, incidentally, makes for good mannersâ€�”is unique to Jesus Christ or is the birthright of all human beings, as well as provides guidance on the intricacies of conducting oneself correctly at the formal dinner table.

"My goal was to write a page-turner:  a reference book which reads like a suspense novel, or like the script of a Discovery Channel documentary," James said. "Manly Manners provides practical guidance:  like how to write a proper break-up or beg-back letter; or how to deal with bullying; or how to conduct oneself when detained by a law enforcement officer; or how to responsibly use social media; or what to expect when invited to dinner in Ethiopia or a funeral in China." 

Published by i-Universe, a subsidiary of Pearson, the parent company of Penguin Books, Manly Manners will be available in hardcover and paperback at Barnes & Noble (  or ) and from November 2014.  The book will also be offered in e-book format.  And in order to provide real-time guidance to young men across the world who may have inquiries on matters pertaining to men's lifestyle and etiquette, James has established a blog at  

St. Croix-born Wayne James is no stranger to the worlds of style, diplomacy, and courtesy.  In March of 1987, while in his last semester at Georgetown University's school of law, James presented his first collection of fashion at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York's SoHo. One week later, Bergdorf Goodman, arguably the world's most discerning retailer of fashion, bought exclusive rights to the collection; James went on to earn his law degree in May; and his garments were being sold on New York's famed Fifth Avenue by July of that year.  And one year later, in 1988, James was touted by Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde as "one of the rising stars among young New York designers." In 1999, James established the Homeward Bound Foundation, the organization which lowered t! he Middle Passage Monument onto the floor the Atlantic Ocean to serve as a gravestone for the estimated millions of African people who perished en route to the New World on board slaving vessels between the 15th and 19th centuries. He would go to be awarded the International Humanitarian Medal in Paris that year for his efforts with the foundation.  In 2008, James was elected senator of the United States Virgin Islands and served as Senate Liaison to the White House.  Since January of 2011, Wayne James has lived on three continents, devoting his full time to the writing of Manly Manners:  Lifestyle & Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century.

"Besides being raised in a family with a long tradition for manners and style, my whole life has prepared me to author Manly Manners," James said. "I have never been afraid to live my lifeâ€�”on my termsâ€�”embracing all its vicissitudes and becoming stronger and wiser each step of the way. My aim is to teach young men what I have been taught and what I have uncovered on my own on this great journey called life. And one thing is for sure:  Manners may not make the man, but they certainly make the gentleman," James concluded.

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