PRN: 'No Rights No Dignity' - A Powerful Tale of Slaves in the Twenty First Century and a Warning About Inequality and Male Domination

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'No Rights No Dignity' - A Powerful Tale of Slaves in the Twenty First Century and a Warning About Inequality and Male Domination


GLASGOW, Scotland, September 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Scottish writer Ernie Hasler has re-launched an Amazon Kindle version his book now titled 'No Rights No Dignity' a compelling suspense fiction about the plight and powerlessness of trafficked people and the evil empires of male dominated ruthless power.

As he lives through the largely unquestioned news of illegal wars and rumours of subsequent resulting wars led by the United States of America loyally supported by their British allies, he can't help comparing the propaganda of justifying murder in our name by Tony Blair, to the present political manipulation of the truth in the lead up to the Scottish referendum and the blatant lies and propaganda of the Westminster political parties.

As Ernie Hasler a retired worker with 51 years full time work experience behind him and now an aspiring writer and also a long-time volunteer in the now burgeoning homeless sector, thinks about his book and the powerlessness of poor people in this world, he realises that is all part of domination by a pecking order of male bullies backed up by their illegal idols, nuclear weapons.

The United Kingdom has become a most unequal country under Westminster rule and Ernie well remembers 'Old Labour' heroine Barbara Castle whose biggest achievement, even putting at risk to her own political career, was the Equal Pay Act introduced in 1970 following the strike by women workers who were treated second class to men workers at Ford's Dagenham plant.

But subsequent Westminster Tory and Labour governments have abysmally failed to deliver gender equality law in a timely fashion including Scottish Labour controlled councils and gender inequality persists into the twenty first century in the UK.

On the subject of pensions he said, although we workers paid full National Insurance contributions, Westminster governments squandered all our National Insurance money and Chancellor Brown raided the enormous private pension's reserves.

Labour's 'stealth raid' took £118 Billion off pensions, paving the way for the end of final salary schemes as they were suddenly unaffordable because of this raid.

The proven reality is that there are no pension guarantees worth a pinch of salt from Westminster politicians.

Comparing his book to present UK national inequality he quotes; 'The 2014 Human Development Report by UNDP.'

"The United Kingdom, unfortunately, has an exceptionally high degree of inequality." The gap in Britain and Australia is exactly the same as in Nigeria, much worse than in Jamaica, Ghana or the Ivory Coast and twice as bad as in Sri Lanka or Ethiopia. The UN report revealing that the UK is the most unequal country in the West - Huge gap between rich and poor in Britain is the same as Nigeria and worse than Ethiopia.

He goes on to quote TUC research, carried out using official figures from the Office for National Statistics, found that the highest 10% of earners in London receive £82,000 a year on average, followed by those in the South East who are on £57,000 and the East of England where they earn about £52,000.

By contrast, an annual salary of about £46,000 puts workers in the top 10% of earners in Yorkshire and the Humber and £45,000 makes the top 10% in the North East. Meanwhile in Wales, the top earners get the least, just £43,000 a year, nearly half what those in London are taking home.

The poorest 10% of workers are on less than £18,000 a year, less than £15,400 in the South East and less than £14,800 per annum in the rest of England, Scotland and Wales. Leading to the question, what's equal about this union?

The reality on the streets is shear misery being cruelly exacted on the poorest and weakest by heartless Tories, now supported by Labour and Liberal Democrats, who's ruthless class prejudiced dogmas affects and degrades millions by unjust targeting of benefit rights by unscrupulous private companies, will blight the future of many British children for generations to come.

He thinks back to his book and how the evil males dominate their poor slaves and how it compares with modern right wing politics in the United Kingdom.

To thwart the Scottish reaction to break free of this unequal union 'Better Together' has simply imported a repressive strategy of fear from American political phycologists.

This is a scary well refined Doctor Strangelove type cold war product, extensively proven by the CIA to consistently work in manipulating political voting in resource rich 'Third World' countries and most recently in Quebec Canada.

He says that it is like frightened trafficked slaves being trapped in a dark single candle lit room with the bullies projecting large life like shadow images on to the wall to frighten the captive children with illusions of fear but no substance.

As we approach Scottish referendum day so the fear stories and emotional appeals to stay (Love Bombing) will be ramped up by the London based media who control most of the Scottish propaganda machine, after all this is what worked in Quebec.

Are we all Jock Tamson's bairns looking out for each other, or do propaganda lies and the American political phycologists win?

Ernie says, immersing yourself in the compelling story 'No Rights No Dignity' is probably the best way to get enjoyable relief from the blatent lies of Westminister politicians.

Contact: Ernie Hasler +44(0)1389-800190

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