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Appreciation, Loyalty & Call to Action Statistics


WELSHPOOL, Wales, October 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

In an age where there are so many marketing avenues, sometimes it can be unclear of which ones to use and which ones will originate the desired results. A study carried out by the 'BPMA' found some intriguing results that demonstrate how using promotional products can invoke loyalty, cause the recipients to feel appreciated and provoke a 'call to action'.

Promotional products can be anything from a budget keyring printed with your logo/company message to an embroidered jumper and everything in-between. Results by BPMA show that the recipient of a promotional giveaway is likely to keep it for over a year. This is an incredibly effective and influential way to advertise your brand, gaining continual exposure. The reach of a promotional item is enormous, think of a printed T-shirt, not only the wearer will see and recognise the brand, but also all others who see it in passing.

In recent times online advertising and the use of social media has been at the forefront of businesses marketing efforts. Creating exciting and powerful content creates interest which is likely to be shared over and over creating a huge amount of coverage for a brand. However, BPMA found the most surprising result, that online marketing is not necessarily as powerful as one might think at creating the feeling and impression of loyalty in potential customers.

Adopting a slightly more traditional approach with the use of printed promotional merchandise could in fact be the start of a company's boost in sales.

The study compares 5 mediums of advertising;

  • Promotional Products
  • TV Advertising
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Online

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This graph shows that 60.1% of people asked, believe that promotional products are the strongest medium of marketing for invoking loyalty. Loyalty is particularly important for brands to create a large customer base who will make repeat purchases, whilst promoting the brand via positive word of mouth. Integrating branded and personalised promotional items into a company's marketing mix is a very influential method that will invite new customers and reaffirm existing customer's loyalty to a brand.

It is important for brands to build relationships with its new and existing customers. This builds a strong and trusted brand, which is an invaluable asset to a company. One way to do this can be to ensure potential customers feel appreciated. The graph below shows that 64% of people asked, felt that promotional products initiated the feeling of appreciation in the recipients.

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Customers are more likely to repeat purchase from a company whom give something back to their valued customers, making them feel less like another notch on the sales board. Research by 'BPMA' also suggests that people are more likely to change their buying habits and purchase from a new company if there is promotional merchandise involved.

Research shows that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated by the company they are buying from (REFERENCE). This proves the importance of making customers feel appreciated with a good will gesture such as a promotional gift. Marketing communications via TV, print, mail and online are not resulting in the desired effect of ensure potential customers feel valued.

The crucial thing is to ensure your marketing campaign fulfils its intended objectives, whether that be to build a larger audience, gain brand exposure or end sales.The following statistics show that using promotional products results in the most effective 'call to action' response.

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Any company ultimately launches a marketing campaign in the hope that it provokes an immediate response in its audience. The BPMA suggest that the best way to ensure this happens is to use promotional merchandise printed with a brand logo or message. People are more likely to recall a brand if they are extensively exposed to a logo or messagevia a tangible product, compared to other advertising mediums that are usually observed for short periods of time.

In summary the use of promotional products can result in recognition, a competitive advantage, brand exposure and therefore increasing the advertising longevity of a brand. A company giving promotional items as gifts is in essence building a relationship with that person, providing them with a thank you in return of their loyalty, interest and in the end, their purchase. It creates a memorable and lasting impression in the recipient of appreciation from a caring and giving brand. This is an incredibly powerful marketing platform that can also be inexpensive.

This is not to say by any means that other marketing efforts mentioned should be overlooked. It is important for companies to carefully selectthe correct marketing methods that will efficiently reach their target audience. There are many benefits to using other marketing platforms such as; Social media being an inexpensive but incredibly effective way to create a large following. TV and direct mail for their potential to result in mass reach andprint has the ability to be very memorable due to eye-catching colourful designs.

Study carried out by BPMA, please visit We Are Promotional Products  for more statistics & information on this topic.

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