PRN: Powerball Breaks the Internet: Sales of Online Lottery Tickets from Provider Go Sky High with Recent Historical Prize of $1.5 Billion

PRN: Powerball Breaks the Internet: Sales of Online Lottery Tickets from Provider Go Sky High with Recent Historical Prize of $1.5 Billion.

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Powerball Breaks the Internet: Sales of Online Lottery Tickets from Provider Go Sky High with Recent Historical Prize of $1.5 Billion


ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, January 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

With lines getting extensively long outside stores in the US throughout the latest Powerball frenzy that preceded the historical $1.5 billion prize, online lottery ticket providers such as icelotto enabled people from across the globe to buy a ticket online, resulting in record-breaking sales on their side.

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With no winner in Saturday night's $900 million draw, the Powerball has advanced to a historical grand prize of about $1,500,000,000, setting the world in a true Powerball frenzy.

The Powerball madness had soon spread across the US, sending ticket sales through the roof and getting massive coverage by worldwide media.

But while buying a ticket for this highly popular US lottery used to be at the sole discretion of US citizens, online ticket providers had soon become a huge success story, for providing a quick and safe means of buying tickets online, available from all over the globe. is the leading global provider of lottery tickets online, enabling customers to purchase lottery tickets for the major and most famous and rewarding lotteries worldwide, including the US Powerball and Mega Millions, alongside several other famous European lotteries.

"The Powerball is normally one of our ultimate bestsellers," says Nemo Wiznitzer, icelotto's Marketing Director, "But what happened this week took us all by surprise. I guess with such a breathtaking prize, no wonder everyone wanted in on the action. We sold more tickets in a day prior to the draw, than we usually sell in a month."

The largest jackpots in the game's history, prior to this one, were during the November 28, 2012 draw, with a prize of $587,500,000 annuity, or $384,700,000 cash value. Two tickets (one each from Missouri and Arizona) were eligible for a jackpot share.

Another record set by Powerball for largest lottery prize in one ticket was back in August 15, 2012. The jackpot was $37,000,000 annuity ($223,700,000 cash value). The ticket was bought in Michigan.

The current largest-ever U.S lottery prize has gradually grown since November, when the last winner was drawn, and is expected to grow even further just before the draw, due to strong ticket sales, say lottery officials.

Actually, the biggest lottery prize ever belongs to the Spanish Lottery El Gordo ("The Fat One," also available to purchase on, which introduced a prize of $2.45 billion in December 2015 and a $2.7 billion prize just a year earlier. However, El Gordo payouts are awarded to thousands of ticketholders, whereas the magnificent Powerball jackpot can go to a single ticket holder.

Of course, even that single ticket holder will not be entitled to the entire sum. Even before taxes, the estimated $1.5 billion prize is only if the winner chooses to take the winnings in 30 payments over 29 years. If he wants to get it all at once, the jackpot is a mere $930 million, about 38% lower.

But we have to say that even this portion will be more than enough for just about anybody... And it is indeed a heartwarming and most welcome evolution of digital progress and the modern world we live in that practically anyone, anywhere, can buy a ticket to any one of these gigantic lotteries that we've mentioned, and not just local residents of those countries.

Plus, the fact that each and every ticket (all bought in the proper lottery jurisdiction by local authorized agents and filled in with the client's number selection) is digitally scanned, is another major advantage to buying online lottery tickets with icelotto or its subsidiary brand lotterymaster.

No more sob stories of a sole winner losing the winning ticket or people getting conned by charlatans. We much prefer stories with happy endings, about people becoming millionaires. And our tickets are 100% secured.

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