PRN: Kochava launches Real-time Fraud Abatement tool, Traffic Verifier, a Game-Changer for the Marketer-Network Relationship

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Kochava launches Real-time Fraud Abatement tool, Traffic Verifier, a Game-Changer for the Marketer-Network Relationship


Marketers get granular, real-time insight into their user traffic and weed out what's unwanted or unverified.

SANDPOINT, Idaho, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kochava (, the attribution, analytics and optimization company for connected devices announced today the release of Traffic Verifier, a feature allowing marketers to validate traffic, enable a real-time, global blacklist and set frequency caps for impressions and clicks.


"Enabling fraud protection is critical to Kochava. For over 16 months, we've helped all of our leading marketers identify and monitor fraud across their campaigns. Today, we are giving them real-time abatement tools with Traffic Verifier so that fraudulent traffic is scored and can be excluded from the attribution waterfall," said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. "No longer will marketers have to operate in a hazy, murky world with shadow actors. With the launch of Traffic Verifier, we officially lift the veil and allow light to shine on the partners who are driving performance and those who are not."

There's a lack of transparency between marketers and the ads trafficked on their behalf. Media buys are often parceled out to sub-publishers, causing obscurity and creating a growing need for fraud prevention and abatement. Traffic Verifier gives marketers a mechanism to qualify, in real time, that the impressions and clicks targeted by their partners are eligible for attribution and meet their Insertion Order requirements.

The tides are turningâ€�”marketers control user traffic
Even within the industry, most don't realize the depth of fraud impacting marketers today. With Traffic Verifier, Kochava stands at the cusp of the coming sea change in the adtech space to combat fraud. Because networks often pay sub-publishers on short terms, and marketers often pay networks on much longer terms, marketers demand "make-goods" for fraudulent, under-performing and poorly targeted traffic. The result: networks are forced to eat the cost. With Traffic Verifier, these anomalies are detected and disqualified in real time, allowing stakeholders to avoid frustrating and costly post-campaign negotiations.

Global blacklist against fraud
Traffic Verifier also includes a global fraud blacklist that incorporates known fraudulent devices, site identifiers by media source and IP addresses, all of which are identified through a myriad of proprietary algorithms using statistical methodologies for identification. The list is dynamically updated and can grow or shrink based on the most recent behavior of the identified fraud techniques. When enabled by marketers using Kochava, it automatically excludes all listed entities from attribution and thus ensures that when tricksters simply pivot to a new publisher identifier, or other rudimentary shifts, they are instantly exposed. 

"We are always looking for new ways to empower advertisers and publishers with tools and metrics that support viewability, transparency, and produce results," said Bryan Buskas, Chief Customer Officer at AdColony. "We're excited about what Kochava brings to the table with the launch of Traffic Verifier which will continue to help move the mobile advertising ecosystem forward."

Frequency capping
Traffic Verifier, unlike any other product available in the ecosystem, includes the ability for marketers to set frequency caps at the device and network/site-ID level. Kochava customers can use frequency capping to automatically weed out bot traffic and browser hijacking. They can also use it at the network/site-ID level to stop click-spamming for the purpose of manipulating attribution. Finally, the frequency capping tools also act as a means to manage frequency versus reach in their campaignsâ€�”ensuring that campaigns don't overrun agreed-upon limits. Set a cap for specific durations down to the minute pivoted by source, device identifier or sub-source.

Marketers write the rules; networks show they followed them
With Traffic Verifier, Kochava customers define the criteria for valid traffic, as well as how invalid and unverified traffic should be handled. The platform provides dynamic notice of violations through postbacks, and customers are in control of how the traffic is validated or rejected programmatically. For example, if a gaming company wants to target users in certain countries on a particular OS version, they can verify that the proper geo-targeting and device version standards are in placeâ€�”halting attribution unless all aspects of the IO are respected.

"Mobile app fraud is the most advanced digital game of cat and mouse. The tools that Kochava continues to developâ€�”with true insider knowledgeâ€�”help clients strategically stay ahead of the curve and shrewdly augment their media investments," said Jordan Greene, Principal/Mobile Media at Mella Media.

Seamless integration with other key features of Kochava
Traffic Verifier can also be used in coordination across the suite of tools in the Kochava platform: Use Analytics reporting to enable real-time visualization of traffic and fraud violations; What if? can be used to run scenarios to enable historical analysis of fraud and traffic verification violations; Alerts can be set up to proactively notify when particular media sources exceed a threshold of fraudulent traffic; and Kochava Query can be used to ad-hoc query historical violations pivoted against any other data elements in the Kochava Object Model.

New levels of transparency and accountability
Kochava Traffic Verifier offers marketers the most dynamic, customizable fraud abatement tool for app fraud prevention. The global blacklist categorically removes fraudulent traffic while Traffic Verification confirms that targeting and traffic sources meet agreed-upon criteria. Thus, marketers confirm that they get what they pay for, and high performing networks prove the value of their traffic to marketers.

"Thanks to our expansive view of the advertising ecosystem, we have the unique opportunity to observe tens of thousands of campaigns being run across billions of devices. Fraudulent actions on the part of bad actors are both robbing and distracting marketers from achieving optimal performance and Traffic Verifier arms marketers with the data and tools to enable real-time protection," Manning said.

About Kochava
Kochava ( offers a unique, holistic and unbiased analytics platform to plan, target, measure and optimize media spend. The Kochava platform for mobile and connected devices combines potent features and global coverage with thousands of network and publisher integrations, allowing marketers to target audiences and measure campaign performance with precision. Real-time customizable visualizations give users fluid access to a full spectrum of data points, providing robust segmentation capabilities and real-time actionability. Yielding the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava is chosen by brands across industry verticals to measure the largest and most sophisticated ad campaigns.

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