PRN: East-West Connect's Dmitry Leus Comments in Brussels Express on Optimising Generation Z in the Workforce

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East-West Connect's Dmitry Leus Comments in Brussels Express on Optimising Generation Z in the Workforce


LONDON, September 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

East West Connect's Dmitry Leus had an article published today in Brussels Express regarding the new generation of workers about to enter the workforce, those born between 1995 and 2015, usually known as Generation Z. The original article can be found at

Mr Leus wrote about how many managers' first question to him about Generation Z is "How do I control them?" He responds by explaining that the first huge strength that this set of young people has is that for them, the availability of information and the development of digital technologies is a common and natural thing. Mr Leus wrote that: "For a 22 year-old today, they do not see this as a fourth industrial revolution. It has always been their reality. They are adept at assessing and sorting a large volume of information and quickly extracting what is of value. The same applies to all of the modern devices they use to explore the world and communicate with each other."

Mr Leus went on to explain that a distinguishing feature of Generation Z is their hyperactivity and the way they strive to get a quick result. He commented: "If they start doing something in the morning, they want to get the result by the evening. They want to 'feel' it and experience it. This affects their choice: they choose actively developing segments of the market and they need novelty and constant progress, as they are very attracted by progress."

Mr Leus also tackled the common perception that Generation Z finds it hard to work as part of a team. He explained: "People will be pleasantly surprised to see that this generation copes perfectly with a task, sometimes even a difficult one, by themselves. Yet they can mess up the simple task that you set for the young team. This is about their individuality - we see that Generation Z use their individuality to build around themselves an autonomous, safe and controlled world. Therefore, if you want Generation Z to work together as a team, then you need to set a task that will be interesting to all team members, and determine the boundaries of everyone's responsibility."

He also commented upon the inner focus of this generation, saying: "Comparisons do not work with Generation Z. If you give them examples of how a colleague easily coped with this task before and you expect this young expert to do it even better, then you just shoot in the dark. This generation's picture of the world is built on the principles of the Self-position, on their own values and principles. If you want to motivate a person from Generation Z, appeal to their uniqueness." 

Mr Leus emphasized that for this this generation, personal experience is very important: "They do not strongly trust and listen to the experience of others. They prefer to quickly get their own bumps and, through their own experience, come up with a solution. Therefore, you should be prepared for mistakes and take it for granted. Refrain from saying: 'I warned you.' Let them make mistakes and do not criticize them and you will be pleasantly surprised by their rapid growth and development. Use a constructive approach in the analysis of both failures and victories instead of criticism."

Mr Leus concluded by explaining that for this generation, the keywords are like, like and like. He wrote: "Generation Z is indeed a wave of social individualists. As well as on social networks, where they spend a great deal of time, in real life they expect 'likes' from you. Find the good reasons to praise them. Notice their small victories. Reward them. In short, stimulate them for constant development, and you will be pleasantly surprised by their results."

About East-West Connect

East-West Connect is a London-based forum focused on investment risk and opportunity in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide news and analysis about the investment and economic climate of the region. 

East-West Connect was founded by Dmitry Leus, an entrepreneur and banking and financial services professional. He started his career as FOREX specialist at Russia's Lesprombank in the mid-90s. He later became Head of International Settlements of the bank, and in 2000 began running the South-West section of Lesprombank. In 2002, he was appointed Chairman of the Russian Depository Bank. In 2006 he founded Zapadny bank, where he worked as Chairman until late 2013. Since 2014, the e-commerce market of Europe and the UK is of special interest for him and he actively invests in the European and CIS financial sector. In parallel, he works as an expert in business development and helps large corporate companies build effective management and improve the quality of the services provided.

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