I supercomputer più veloci del mondo utilizzano i processori AMD OPTERON per raggiungere prestazioni senza precedenti

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In occasionedell’ International SupercomputingConference, AMD ha annunciato che i processori AMD Opteron supportano molti deisupercomputer più potenti del mondo.


Oltre al sistema petascale più potente al mondo, nella classifica dei primi 20 sistemi figuranoanche altri sei supercomputerbasati sui processori multi-core AMD Opteron,tra cui l'attesissimo sistema "Ranger"di Sun Microsystems installato presso il Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC),e diverse delle famose installazioni HPC diCray. In totale, 11 clienti OEM di AMD in 11 Paesi sono presentinella classifica TOP500 con la AMD Direct Connect Architecture.


I supercomputer Cray basati sui processori AMD Opteron siriconfermano tra le prime posizioni della classifica TOP500. Attualmente sono15 i supercomputer frutto della collaborazione tra Cray e AMD che fornisconocapacità di elaborazione al vertice.

Si tratta della settima volta consecutiva che i sistemiCray basati sui processori AMD Opteron sono presenti nella top 10 dellaclassifica TOP500, a testimonianza del livello di innovazione, design disistema e scalabilità nati dalla collaborazione tra Cray e AMD.


Di seguito la notizia in dettaglio, in inglese.


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World’s Fastest Supercomputers Employ AMDOpteron™ Processors to Reach Unprecedented Performance


— 3 of the Top 5 systems and 7 of theTop 20 systems depend on AMD innovation —


 —Top 20 showing for AMD Opteronprocessors outpaces any other x86 processor architecture by almost 2:1 —


          DRESDEN, Germany — June 18, 2008— At theInternational Supercomputing Conference, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced thatits AMD Opteron™ processors have helped deliver many of the top performingsupercomputers in the world.  For the first time ever, AMD technologyplays a role in the number one supercomputer in the world and this sameprocessor technology that helps drive the number one supercomputer is alsoreadily available for business and personal computing. 

         “This current TOP500 list, with its first ever petascale performance, notonly represents a milestone in scientific computing but also demonstrates therelevance of scalability and balanced system design in high performancecomputing (HPC).  It also points to heterogeneous computing as an emergingand necessary step for the industry,” said Randy Allen, senior vicepresident, Computation Solutions Group, AMD.  “AMD and its manysupercomputing partners, including top tier OEMs, recognize that forheterogeneous computing to be successful, collaboration among industry leadersis critical.  The performance demonstrated on this list by AMD and ourpartners exceeds what any single solution has ever been able to achieve and we believethis tightly coupled innovation will become more prevalent to the benefit ofHPC, as well as business and personal computing customers.” 

         Beyond helping drive the number one system to its record-breaking petascaleperformance, six additional multi-core AMD Opteron processor- basedsupercomputers ranked in the balance of the top 20, including themuch-anticipated “Ranger” system from Sun Microsystems at the TexasAdvanced Computing Center (TACC) and several of Cray’s well-known HPCinstallations.  In total, 11 of AMD’s OEM customers have achieved aTOP500 ranking based on AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture in 11 countriesworldwide.

         The AMD Opteron processor-based “Ranger” supercomputer at TACC madeits first appearance on the TOP500 list, ranking fourth with a score of 326teraflops.  “Ranger” is based on Sun Microsystems’Constellation blade system and is the most powerful supercomputing system inthe world for open science research, helping solve massive computationalproblems from weather prediction and climate modeling to genetics and medicalresearch.

         “The Sun Constellation System at TACC delivers an open, petascale-capablearchitecture through cost-effective, off-the-shelf components andstate-of-the-art technologies,” said Bjorn Andersson, director, HPCMarketing, Sun Microsystems.  “Through the combination ofSun’s innovative design principles for server, switch and interconnecttechnology and the performance and energy-efficiency of multi-core AMD Opteronprocessors, Ranger is helping to achieve breakthrough discoveries acrossdomains and disciplines and is poised to grow with the demands of open scienceresearch.”

         AMD Opteron processor-based Cray supercomputers continue their long traditionof achieving high TOP500 rankings.  Currently, 15 supercomputers based onthe collaboration between Cray and AMD are delivering supercomputing customerswith world-class computational power. This represents the 7th straight timethat AMD Opteron processor-based Cray systems have been ranked in the top 10 onthe TOP500 list and underscores the level of system design, innovation, andscalability that Cray and AMD together deliver.

         “IDC forecasts that the market for high performance computing systemswill continue growing rapidly and will reach $18 billion in 2012. Large-scaleHPC systems enable major scientific and engineering breakthroughs and are atthe forefront of issues that later affect enterprise

andeven desktop computing environments, such as parallel processing and powerconsumption,” said Steve Conway, IDC research vice president, HPC.“The AMD Opteron processor and AMD's Direct Connect Architecture continueto play an important part in moving HPC capabilities forward across the globe.”

         The Top 500 list and related documentation is scheduled to be released publiclyon June 18, 2008 and will be accessible online at www.top500.org.


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