- Comunicati pubblicati - davisyellow - Comunicati pubblicati - davisyellow Sun, 21 Jul 2019 07:27:26 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.20 ( Note to the wedding menu Wed, 27 Feb 2019 09:51:23 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow Wedding banquet dishes are generally not limited by taste schools, the raw materials do not require very expensive, but a little more weight, taste suitable, as far as possible with the wine. Do you know what to watch out for in the wedding menu?

1. Internal contradiction of wine

Don't mix beer with other alcoholic drinks. The beer on the wedding menu contains a lot of carbon dioxide, which is volatile. If you drink it with white wine, it will cause the alcohol to permeate. Some friends often drink beer before wine, or liquor before beer. Of course, you can't block it, so tell the waiter to prepare more water for such a guest to help urinate and reduce the presence of alcohol in the body.

2. The number of dishes should be double

There is an unwritten tradition in most parts of our country that the number of red and white wedding dishes in "red and white" weddings is double. The number of white wedding (as we call a funeral feast) dishes is singular. The number of wedding dishes usually symbolizes prosperity with eight dishes, perfection with ten dishes and happiness with twelve dishes.

3. Strong tea should not be used to detoxify wine

Some people are still drunk. The traditional Chinese idea is that strong tea can dissolve wine. Little imagine the coffee base that contains in tea and alcohol union, can produce undesirable result, not only cannot have the effect that dissolves wine, can aggravate the pain that get drunk instead. Special attention should be paid to the wedding menu.

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4. Fresh fish, please let the wine go

There has been a saying since ancient times that "no fish, no feast, no wine, no feast", so these two foods will certainly appear in your wedding banquet. Fish is a food with high vitamin D content, and alcohol will reduce the amount of vitamin D absorbed by the human body by 6-70%. Fresh fish with wine will lose good nutrition. While an occasional visit won't have a serious impact on health, it's best to let your guests know.

5. Pay attention to customs and taboos to ensure dishes' weight

Wedding banquet dishes are generally not limited by taste schools, the raw materials do not require very expensive, but a little more weight, taste suitable, as far as possible with the wine. You should never have guests who are not full or feel like they have nothing to eat. It is often said that a friend went to a five-star hotel to attend a wedding banquet. After he came back, he complained about not having enough food, which brought a bad impression to the guests.


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e-wedding preparation procedures pre-wedding preparation should be completed Wed, 13 Feb 2019 08:07:53 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow I. pre-wedding preparation process - initial preparation

1. Determine the location, date and manner of the wedding

Determine the budget for the wedding

Make a guest list

Discuss wedding plans

Identify the groomsman and maid of honor

6. Determine the marriage person and the witness

Identify the wedding planner

Hold a wedding preparation meeting

Make wedding plans

10. Define the division of Labour among the preparatory personnel

2. Pre-wedding preparation process - start action

Communicate with all the people involved in the wedding

Buy wedding goods

Groom and bride image preparation

4. Choose to hang wedding photos (the previous shooting has been completed)

5. New house layout

Identify the wedding host

Make an appointment for wedding makeup

Make an appointment

Make an appointment for a wedding camera

10. Reserve wedding vehicles

11. Other

3. Pre-wedding preparation schedule - the day before

Communicate with all wedding stakeholders

2. Finally confirm all the preparations for the wedding day

3. Confirm the preparation of the speaker on the wedding day

Special preparations for the bride and groom

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5. Alarm preparation

Above is a detailed pre-wedding preparation process sheet, wedding preparation must have enough time. But the biggest tension is when the wedding is near.

Pre-wedding preparation schedule - the first week

Finally, remind all the guests at the wedding

Give the chef a specific number of guests

Arrange lunch (or dinner) for wedding day

Get back your wedding dress and everything

Make a detailed list of the items you need for your wedding day, as well as the wedding day process.


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Bridesmaid makeup is also recommended for clear and nude makeup Mon, 10 Dec 2018 08:53:22 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow Light and generous maid of honor makeup already proper show oneself beautiful, also won't cover up bridal ray. Here's how to make your bridesmaid look even more beautiful with your nude makeup.

Bridesmaid dresses 1

The key of nude makeup is bottom makeup, must clear, natural. Choose the foundation that is closest to skin color, gently push with finger even, let foundation and skin stick together. Suggest not to use sponge, easy to produce thick feeling. The dosage of foundation is as little as possible, such ability has nude makeup lightsome effect. Of course, BB cream is also a necessary cosmetic to create nude makeup effect!

2. Make up

Apply the powder to your face in a "point-and-click" way, but don't rub it back and forth on your face, which can damage the foundation. The key to preventing foundation from removing makeup is around the nose, lips and eyes.

Bridesmaid dresses 3. Eyeliner

When drawing eyeliner, must cling to eyelash root, usable a hand is in place of upper eyelid gently push, make on eyelash root sufficient exposure comes out, draw a thin, if be concealed appear can. The posterior corner of the eye can extend back and lengthen appropriately to brighten the eyes.

4. Eye shadow

Clear naked makeup, unfavorable choose exaggerated color, the proposal chooses the earth color, it is very suitable for Asian skin, also the most difficult to go wrong, also can freely tie-in dress, can be said to be "the joker" color.

Bridesmaid dresses 5. Blushes

The cheek of bridesmaid makeup must not be too thick, the cheek that USES pink department appropriately is red, build a "good look" ok.

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Bridesmaid makeup 6, eyelashes

Nude makeup does not ask for dark eyelashes, but a clear root is essential. When clipping eyelash, begin to move outward gradually by eyelash root, clip it repeatedly a few times, can form natural arc line, prevent "dead Angle", take a few eyelash creams next, brush eyelash can.

Bridesmaid makeup 7, lip gloss

Choose the lip pen that is close to lipstick or labial color, draw the lip that gives oneself like, reoccupy lip brush to touch on fill double lip can, unfavorable choice thick colourful color.

Did you learn how to make up your bridesmaid dresses in a beautiful nude? Be a beautiful maid of honor that will set off the bride as well as her beauty


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How to choose a wedding photographer to leave the best memories Sat, 08 Dec 2018 09:08:28 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow How to choose a wedding photographer: where to focus

1, technology

Wedding follow-up is a demanding job for photographers. A good wedding photographer must have the skills of portrait photography, documentary photography and conference photography. At the same time, the wedding scene light is changeable, shun light, backlight, stage pursuit of light, all need the photographer calmly. A wedding photographer with this foundation will find the best Angle, the best light, the best moment, and capture the happiest couple.

With pats the wedding

2, experience,

A good foundation is not accumulated after being taught by a teacher or taught by myself, but accumulated through years of experience in photographic creation. Only experienced photographers can foresee what will happen next in the process and will stand in the right place at the right time to get the perfect perspective.

With pats the wedding

3, idea

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Concept is the understanding of wedding photography, wedding with pats is exquisite "decisive moment" category of photography, the marriage pledge (or read marriage certificate), exchange marriage pledge, kiss the bride and groom drink wedlock wine complete perfectly even instant record is a big responsibility wedding photographer. If it can't be done, no matter how many live tidbits there are, it's a totally derelict photographer. And the wedding photographer should not disturb the normal process of the wedding, never allow the photographer to say "the camera just did not take down, again!"

With pats the wedding

4, equipment

Professional equipment is the guarantee of taking good pictures. In the age of digital cameras, cameras have proliferated, but not all cameras are capable of shooting wedding scenes. Suggest choosing photographer, with full format digital camera and the lens of the camera is very important things, wide-angle lens can guarantee his family completely collected, telephoto lens to capture the mother in the happy smile on his face.


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Make your perfect wedding Fri, 07 Dec 2018 08:13:53 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow With the reform and opening up, more and more international marriages have appeared at home. Like the Chinese wedding, the wedding is the most indispensable important ceremony in life. There are also many taboos in western weddings. So let's talk about some taboos in western weddings.

What are the taboos in a western wedding

Western wedding taboo:

1. When wearing the wedding dress, the bride's step should be a step, a pause, and then the next step The position of hand gesture and holding flower also has exquisite;

2. The bride must hold the ceremony with a veil over her face. The veil is not a simple decoration. It also represents a kind of dividing line.

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3. The position of the western-style wedding is that the man is right and the woman is left, which is just opposite to that of the Chinese wedding.

4, white wedding dress, must not with red shoes. Because the red shoes on behalf of jumping into a pit of fire, nor tied with red, red sashes, wear red pants, such as red, because the white represents purity, and red is just the opposite. White wedding dresses are worn with white, gold or silver shoes.

What are the taboos in a western wedding

The bride in the wedding dress should not bow or be carried away. If you bow, and also have exquisite to bow out gently, not like some presided by teasing the bride to bend over 90 degrees is the sincerity, because now most is shallow chest wedding dress, once exposed, is also not polite for the guests;

6. The wedding dress should not be equipped with group support, and the yarn pendulum should not shake too much.


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Create a good beginning engagement ceremony preamble opening remarks Mon, 12 Nov 2018 10:09:43 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow There is a wedding host, there is a wedding speech, then these engagement ceremonies are still indispensable. Today, I'm going to give you a speech about the engagement ceremony.

Create a good beginning engagement ceremony preamble opening remarks

The engagement speech

Sunny, song and laughter, auspicious, in this beautiful days, I am very honored to be here miss XX and XXX Sir Engagements, let us together to witness and share the joy of the newlyweds, spent a very happy and unforgettable happy days.

The engagement speech

Now let me briefly introduce the basic situation of a young couple. XXX is a X town temple at the end of the village people, graduated from guangdong province shenzhen science and technology school of computer and network engineering, founder technology in qingyang customer service center in the computer repair work now although parents to do business. XXX is a native of xiaohugou village in XXX town. He graduated from no.4 middle school of qingyang city. They were introduced by XXX and XX to know, understand and love each other. It was a voluntary and voluntary decision to hold the engagement ceremony today

The first item; Betrothed by the mother-in-law to her family. Due to the limited time of XXX's family doing business outside the country, it was agreed by both parties that all kinds of betrothal gifts and festivals should be completed once today in the form of "package delivery". The second; The ancients said. 'no marriage is two families, and a marriage is one family.' invite two families to drink a cup of wine, indicating the establishment of the children's family.

The third; Now let's give a round of applause to the most beautiful miss XXX and the happiest Mr. XXX. .. (applause.)

Now may I ask Mr. XXX:

Would you like to be engaged to miss XXX by your side, rich or poor, forever?

Please give me a round of applause.

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May I ask miss XXX: would you like to be engaged to Mr. XXX by your side, be it poverty, rank or wealth, till forever?

Please give me a round of applause.

A man must marry, and a woman must marry. On this big day, there are two young people's parents who should be the happiest. Parents worked so hard to put you up, education, training, you had a lot of effort, starting today, parents see you really grow up formally, a pair of children today officially real engaged, hope they in the construction of good good, on the basis of a happy family, unite as one to build a career success! I suggest that our guests give your applause to the great and loving parents of a new couple! Now please: parents from both sides on stage! The parents of both parties shall wear a heart lock to their beloved daughter-in-law and son-in-law, which marks their engagement. (applause).


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Be prepared to do your homework before the wedding photo is taken, just in case Fri, 09 Nov 2018 10:32:32 +0100 davisyellow davisyellow When thinking about how beautiful wedding photos should be, prepare for them in advance, just in case. Only in this way can we take beautiful wedding photos.

1. Want to show their best to avoid in the photos, so the bride in the photo shall be completed one month before the hair care, hairdressing, marcel, and a week before taking pictures to system to do a facial skin care, take pictures can also do a nail, the day before to show a the most beautiful state.

The day before the photo is taken, the brides should keep their mood relaxed, pay attention to rest, and have enough sleep. And remember to drink less water before you go to bed to avoid swelling your eyes when you wake up.

Before the brides go to take a picture, remember to shave off their armpits and keep all aspects of the body clean.

On the day of taking the photo, the bride had better prepare a pair of fleshy stockings and a pair of matching high heels to match the longer wedding dress.

On the day of the photo, the bride should also prepare a white or nude strapless bra. Wear a wedding dress with strapless underwear, and if you're wearing a Chinese evening dress, it's best to wear padding or tightrope lingerie to beautify your chest.

6. The bride should not wear too much jewelry when taking a picture, which would be too burdensome.

7. The bride should try not to wear glasses on the day of taking photos. If you need to wear glasses, you should keep the frames without lenses in case of reflection. If you are too nearsighted, try wearing contact lenses, and for brides who are taking wedding photos with contact lenses, get used to contact lenses to avoid problems on the day they are taken.

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8. The groom's suit should not be too close-fitting, so as not to be inconvenient during the movement. Make sure you don't wear pants that are too colorful or too high profile on the day of filming.

9. The bride without makeup will be fine on the wedding day when she takes the wedding photo. She doesn't need to make up herself. If you are used to your own cosmetics, you can also bring your own past.

Brides should wear clothes with a front zip or a large neckline before they go, so as not to rub the make-up and hair on their faces when changing into a dress.


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Bring your favorite pet to the wedding Fri, 22 Jun 2018 08:18:22 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow The cat and dog are your single companion, do not leave it alone at home on your big day, let it share your happiness, wear it white gardenias garlands, embrace it! Cute cats and dogs can not only add a lively atmosphere to the wedding, but also add some joy to the boring children present.

Name the table

Try to name your desk with words, not Numbers, so it's easy to remember and romantic. If you love traveling, name it after your favorite city. Or use flowers to name the table. For example, the main table where parents sit is named "carnation", which means affection and warmth.

9. Disposable cameras

Put a disposable camera on each table and let each guest take some wedding photos, which will leave more beautiful memories. This not only makes guests feel interesting, but also makes them feel more emotionally involved and attached to the creative wedding planner.

Show your family

Don't just give their wedding photos, set a table at the reception desk, show your parents, grandparents and other important family photos, had better have their wedding photos, placed in the position of the obvious can see let guests came in.

11. Express my nostalgia for the school

If you and he are met in the campus, if your Alma mater, hall and other facilities can use of words, might as well choose their own wedding held in the campus, to express the juvenile time missed. You can also invite the former head teacher and principal to testify your marriage.

Ask for advice on married life

Might as well set a small basket, at the party there ready to pen and paper, let the guests to write advice about marriage and family, put them in a notebook after the wedding, the reference as your married life.


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 The way to get evidence for an extramarital affair Wed, 20 Jun 2018 09:18:56 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow There are three basic forms of extramarital affairs

The form of adultery that occasionally has sexual relations with an alien;

2. The form of cohabitation in which couples live together continuously and stably without the name of husband and wife;

Bigamy in the name of husband and wife.

Of the three forms, bigamy is a criminal offence and is subject to criminal punishment. However, "cohabiting with another person with a spouse" only bears civil legal liability, and the no-fault party can claim damages accordingly. If you have sexual relations with a person of the opposite sex from time to time, you are generally not liable for civil liability. Divorce is caused by adultery. If there is sufficient evidence from the no-fault party, the other party shall bear the fault liability.

How to get evidence for extramarital affairs:

First, extensive collection of indirect evidence to form a chain of evidence

In extramarital affairs, obtaining evidence is a difficult problem for many parties. In general, it is almost impossible to obtain evidence of "caught in bed". Therefore, it is necessary to collect as much indirect evidence as possible, such as checking the telephone call record quarter, text message content, correspondence letter and so on, it is better to get the image data by photographing. If the spouse and the lover that buy a house or rent a house outside live together, a contract, the parties may collect real estate company, or rent property company about two people rent, pay the property management fees, utilities and other relevant evidence. Also, such as hotel bills, audio-visual materials, witness statements, public security organs, etc. The ability to form a tight chain of evidence is crucial to winning a case.

Second, it is possible to obtain evidence by the court

In the process of obtaining evidence for extramarital affairs, the person concerned is more likely to be accepted by the court if he/she takes photos on his/her own bed of his/her spouse having an improper relationship with a third party. It is not a criminal responsibility to capture a spouse in his own home who is close to a third party and cannot talk about breaking into another person's house.

However, the parties concerned should not spread the photos of their own "arrest and rape" in the public, nor should they insult the third party. Otherwise, it is possible to infringe the right of reputation of the third party.

Third, "arrest and rape" in other places can be referred to "110".

The parties concerned shall not break into another person's house to obtain evidence of the cohabitation of the spouse and the third party. Because such a way of obtaining evidence is not legal, it may cause the problem of trespassing. Meet this kind of circumstance, such as to determine the parties husband dwell with a third party, the best way is to dial "110" alarm, by the public security personnel on duty of into the house, and then ask the pen fell, which confirmed spouses living together with the third party the fact that such evidence the court will generally adopted.

Fourth, evidence collection in public places can be adopted by the court

The litigant obtains evidence in public places such as parks and movie theaters, generally will not violate others' privacy, and is more likely to be adopted by the court. However, there are more hugs, handholding and kissing in public places, and less intimate contact. The intimacy of the pictures it is difficult to mate with a third party has a bigamy or long-term stable living behavior, can only from one side to confirm they have improper heterosexual relationships, prove the existence of spouse's fault.

Fifthly, the no-fault party shall act within his capacity to obtain evidence

In the process of dealing with a divorce case, a lot of no-fault party suffer from master not a deviant conclusive evidence, but not voluntarily, I am so exhausted trying to obtain evidence, and even "detective to investigate the company, please, and ignored the investigation of the common property and preservation work. Therefore, the parties concerned must act within their capacity to obtain evidence, otherwise it will not be worth the loss.


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The bride wore her hair in detail to create a European and American style Fri, 15 Jun 2018 09:53:10 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Every girl has a vision of what she will look like when she gets married and wants to be the most beautiful bride on her wedding day. However, this all needs not only the dress up, the role of hair is also very important. The following content brought you the detailed steps of the bride's hair style for the day, it is a European and American style of the flower bud head of the bride's hair diagram, if you need a friend to look at it quickly.

Step 1

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 1

Comb your hair first, then curl it with a curling iron to create a fluffy, curly effect. Next, pull the hair from the top of your head back and tie it up. Related reading: the latest wedding day pictures of the bride's hair style are fashionable, elegant and atmospheric

Step 2

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 2

After the above steps are completed, the hair of the lower part is also tied to the top of the head and fixed. Next with the hand gently grasp, and the whole will grasp a fluffy effect.

Step 3

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 3

After completing the above steps, put down the hair on both sides and tie it up as shown in the picture above. Related reading: European and American bride hairstyle picture takes you to feel summer amorous feelings

Step 4

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 4

After fixing your hair with a clip, take out the prepared fine line and glue. Put the fish line into the glue needle and put it into the hair as shown in the picture above. Of course, the color of fish line is not necessarily white or transparent, also can use your own favorite color.

Step 5

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 5

When the line passes through the hair, tie the hair immediately. Tie the rest of your hair to the desired effect, like a garment, until the desired effect is achieved. Related reading: pictures of vintage brides' hairstyles reinterpreted classic European and American styles

Step 6

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 6

I want to remind you that in the process of binding, you may leave some broken hair, which also needs to be tied up with fishing line.

Step 7

The bride's hairstyle for the day is detailed in step 7

After completing the above steps, the whole hair style is almost finished. Finally, it can be fixed with spray. Read on: the retro bride's hairdo steps make your socialite look instantly recognisable


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The bride has a red cheongsam hairstyle Wed, 13 Jun 2018 08:13:06 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Cheongsam is an art, and collocation of qipao style and dress up is a kind of art, a suitable hairstyle can save more reveal the temperament of the bride, so the bride's red cheongsam style together, pick out the most suitable for their own, their most beautiful side cheng fang on the wedding day!

The bride's red cheongsam hairstyle is elegant and the bride's charm is full of charm

The bride's red cheongsam hairstyle: hand pushed ripple roll the bride's hair

Red cheongsam all show solemn and elegant, restoring ancient ways in the collocation of the hair, the hand push corrugated bride go the most suitable, however, it is the lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood, should be such as Shanghai era of classic beauty to come out from the picture. This kind of dish hair does not need too much adorn article to decorate, the skin that stores supports wins snow, unusual beautiful yan.

Bride's red cheongsam hairstyle: Chinese style retro bride's hair

Is neat bang face bride, the might as well try this Chinese dish hair style restoring ancient ways, bang on both sides with plaits coiling, fishbone head use cheongsam and hair accessories, all reflect the charming is spruce and exquisite and intellectualism, the younger the characteristics of elegance and charm.

Bride's red cheongsam hairstyle: jiangnan breath bride's hair

Mention jiangnan woman, what immediately reminds a person is charming charm, tender feeling like water, jiangnan is more talented woman, fair lady gathering place. At the historic moment, the bride's hair is also very fair, with the side parting of the oblique bangs to modify the face, and the simple middle and low bun to create a gentle temperament, with a cheongsam, more feminine.

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 The groom's speech at the wedding reception Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:27:47 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Distinguished guests,

Everybody is good! Today, everyone comes to my wedding reception! I feel very happy and very happy at the same time! Based in his busy schedule to attend our wedding banquet must, for you the arrival of our great privilege, please do a witness for me here, in the later days, I will more to my wife's care and love, I'll love her forever! And through our diligent and intelligent hands to create a happy and harmonious full family!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our parents for their meticulous care of us, for the care of famous leaders, and for the blessings of our relatives and friends.

Wish you all: everything goes well and everything goes well!

There is no good reception tonight, and I hope you will enjoy your meal!

Thank you.

The groom's speech at the wedding reception

Dear guests, friends and family,

Everybody is good! Thank you for taking the time to attend our wedding reception. I believe your blessings will make our marriage more perfect.

On this happy day, I want to say something about my feelings. First of all, I want to thank my parents, they raised me 20 years is not easy, now I grow up, get married, but their early grey, here I want to say to them: thank you, thank you to my care, later we will honor you. Secondly, I want to thank my father-in-law mother-in-law, thank you for your trust, will give me beloved baby, please be assured that I will make your daughter have a happy life, I won't let you down. I promise to be a good husband and love and care for her forever.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for coming. If there is any bad reception, please forgive me. I hope you can have a happy time.

Thank you.


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 Lawn wedding Fri, 08 Jun 2018 10:31:31 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Lawn wedding accessories

1. Lawn wedding planning book

2. Senior MC on lawn wedding day (more than 3 years of experience in wedding hosting) provides wedding hosting services throughout the whole process and provides free planning before the wedding

3. Professional digital cameraman on lawn wedding day (more than three years of shooting experience) will provide six-hour camera service, with a overtime fee of 50 yuan/hour

4. Professional digital photographer on lawn wedding day (more than 3 years shooting experience) 6 hours photography service, overtime fee of 50 yuan/hour, free burn a disc

5. Fashionable european-style background layout of the banquet hall on lawn wedding day, "wedding" garland card, a silk flower arch in front of the stage and four small exquisite white gauze purple flower frames

6. Romantic european-style background arrangement for lawn wedding and red carpet or rose petal passageway for wedding day

7. Six classic silk flowers stand beside the lawn wedding aisle

8. Exquisite european-style iron candlestick on lawn wedding day (including large rose-pattern candle, connecting candle or floating water candle)

9. Exquisite table flowers for each table on lawn wedding day (5-6 tables, 100-120 guest list CARDS)

10. On the wedding day of the lawn, 16 chairs are decorated with a Persian chrysanthemum or purple silk flower on the back of the pink gauze decoration package

11. Use the imported two-wheel remote control bubble machine on the wedding day of lawn (including manual operation, at least 3 times)

12. The wedding day on the lawn is beautifully decorated with the welcome card and internal photo

13. One menu per table on lawn wedding day, beautiful dishes (price is not included)

The wedding ceremony provides delicious breakfast service for the couple

15. One special wedding souvenir for lawn wedding

16, lawn wedding day 50 people of sugar

17. Exquisite champagne table and champagne tower on lawn wedding day

18. Beautiful cake and cake stand on lawn wedding day

19. A cashier's room and simple decoration are provided free of charge on lawn wedding day

20. Two beautiful photo posters of the couple on lawn wedding day (size: 60*120cm)

21. There are 1-2 new transparent glass long vertical containers on the sign-in platform of lawn wedding day

22. Sign in tablecloth flowers and two beautiful sign-in books and pens on lawn wedding day

23. Wedding room or bridal dressing room in the hotel on lawn wedding day (happy characters and balloons)

24. Lawn wedding day wedding theme music

25. A beautiful wishing tree on lawn wedding day

26. Eight guns will be provided on lawn wedding day

27. On the wedding day of lawn, the full set of tie flowers: the groom's chest flower (1 red rose), the best man's chest flower (1 pink rose), the bridesmaid's chest flower (1 pink rose), and the parents' chest flower (4 Yang LAN); Flower petals 2 baskets (including flower baskets for petals, etc

28. Parking, check-in, bureau, microphone, audio equipment and signs are provided on the wedding day of lawn wedding.

Note: the above plan includes the rent of the site


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 The beautiful wedding dress in Europe and America brings people a pleasant experience. Wed, 06 Jun 2018 09:16:24 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow The marriage gauze photograph of European and American style has strong and heavy sex, give a person strong visual wallop, got the affection of numerous new people. This article brings you beautiful wedding photos from Europe and the United States, appreciate these beautiful and amazing wedding photos, and add a style to your wedding photos.

European and American style wedding gauze photograph pays attention to solemn and luxurious on dress, what reflect everywhere is elegant atmosphere.

In color processing, the use of strong contrast color, giving a strong visual impact.

The makeup of the bride and groom also needs elegant and noble, the makeup look of small and pure and fresh apparently does not suit euramerican marriage gauze photograph style.

The background that chooses gives priority to with Europe type building, elegant atmosphere, pay attention to setting, tone is heavy.

Europe and the United States only beautiful wedding gauze photograph pays attention to the background and prop, the classical piano with rich color, restoring ancient ways furniture, dry flower, candlestick is commonly used tool.

In the treatment of color, with slightly yellowed oil painting color as the standard, showing a strong sense of thickness.

The marriage gauze photograph of euramerican style is more rigorous and sedate on composition, the light and shadow texture is more hale and hearty, the light gimmick is more exquisite.

The action facial expression of the characters is also very elegant and casual, will not appear nifty exaggerated large movements, the performance is elegant lady image.

After seeing the beautiful wedding photos of Europe and America above, do you know more about this style of wedding photos? Yes, it shows a noble and elegant atmosphere.


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Ranking of wedding diamond ring brands -- ranking of online diamond ring brands Mon, 04 Jun 2018 09:50:14 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow  1. Diamond bird (founded in 2002, it was the first to introduce the "mouse + cement" model into online luxury sales, and it is the earliest online diamond brand in China so far)

· 2. Love diamond (founded in 2008, with e-commerce mode, patented technology and personalized diamond jewelry as the carrier to meet the emotional needs of different online shoppers)

· 3. Zocai (founded in 2004, adhering to the excellent traditional technology, with dedicated and meticulous management, and using modern science and technology to make diamond electronic products with constantly innovative products)

· 4. Kelan (founded in 2007, diamonds purchased from South Africa are sold through the combination of direct sales of office and online sales to achieve high-cost online brands)

· 5. Daioni (one of the domestic wedding ring customized brands, which is aimed at becoming the first online jewelry chain brand in China)

· 6. Dauney (founded in 2005, it is one of the earliest online diamond brands in China. Dauney has popularized diamonds and is honored as the "leader of online diamond shopping in China ")

· 7. Burberry (founded in 2008, upended the traditional shopping mall model and brought new personalized jewelry to consumers through the "website + F2C experience store + telephone" platform)

· 8. Bloves (founded in 2008, it is a diamond electronic commodity brand focusing on wedding ring customization in China, and also one of the pioneering and leading brands of online wedding ring customization in China)

· 9. Luxury jewelry (the first-class international online jewelry trading platform, whose purpose is to provide the most perfect and cost-effective jewelry treasures to consumers)

· 10. Darry jewelry (a marriage proposal diamond Ring brand created by Hong Kong Darry jewelry group co., LTD. With its unique concept, Darry Ring diamond Ring is the most romantic Ring)

There are many wedding ring brands, but each has its own characteristics. The ranking of wedding ring brands above can only be compared with comprehensive strength.


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Music share the background of music Thu, 31 May 2018 10:04:53 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Hold western-style wedding, a lot of bride and groom are more and more fastidious to the background that plays on wedding music, the wedding whole process should broadcast different wedding music according to different link. As a foil and a foreshadowing for the wedding atmosphere, western-style weddings are especially important in the warm music. Here's the western style wedding warming music for the newlyweds.

Music share of western wedding warm-up - romantic recommendation

A warm-up music is generally before the wedding started playing, aimed at the manufacturing for the wedding atmosphere, for after the wedding, also make the guests feel thick romantic breath, let the wedding guests to relax, as soon as possible into the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. Recommend a romantic wedding.

1. Candy Kisses

2. Have to love

3. Love is simple

Our anniversary

5. "just feel for you"

You're going to marry me today

7. Love you

8. I do.

9. Love road

Western wedding warming music sharing - classic music recommendation

A western-style wedding, of course also cannot little classic wedding music, the commonly used classical music let wedding guests a listen to is the atmosphere of the wedding, as soon as possible into the atmosphere of the wedding, let a person quick to relax.

1. Violin concerto no. 8 (vivaldi)

2. Nutcracker suite (Tchaikovsky)

The blue Danube straus

Private talk in autumn by Richard clayderman

5. "swan lake" -- tskovsky

6. Piano sonata -- Mozart

Midsummer night's dream -- Mendelssohn

The blessed virgin -- schubert

Wedding in a dream by Richard clayderman

The joy of love -- Chrysler

11. "royal fireworks suite" -- Handel

12. The gyre -- Mozart

13. Song of Virginia -- Rachel

14. Aria on G xuan -- Bach


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Six important points to note about Korean bridal makeup Mon, 28 May 2018 11:02:17 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Wearing a beautiful wedding dress must be every girl's dream bar, and finally to the wedding day, romantic wedding scene is not less than delicate bride makeup. Therefore, today's article brings you the simple painting method of Korean bridal makeup, and arranges for you the six important matters of bride makeup, prospective brides to see.

1. Lay a foundation

First of all, the first step is to create a natural and perfect skin. The best choice is the bottom cream with pearl effect. Such bridal makeup can build the female charm that gives gentle wan wan wan.

(2) create delicate features

Refined three-dimensional facial features is indispensable for the bride makeup look, with large makeup brush dab than deep foundation of a color number of repairing facial powder to play in the cheeks and hair, gently pull along the cheekbones longitudinal shadow, can let the face looks exquisite exquisite, eyebrow end part should also be appropriate to decorate, can look angular.

Highlights brighten the skin

Lighting up the skin with highlights is an essential step in bridal makeup. Using highlights under the eyes and in the t-shaped areas can make the whole person look fresh and unwearied. To maintain the transparency of makeup look, had better divide a few dizzy leave.

(4) blushing

Then the gradient type is used to save cheek is red, it s the highest position in complain, this kind of cheek is red with good durability, not easy to take off the makeup and smooth texture, then the overlay coating to a color powder blush, and paint to eyebrow end stretching, the superposition of gradual change effect, can let makeup look more have administrative levels feeling, sweet to the bride.

(5) eyebrow lines

Bride makeup eyebrow line is very important, this must be emphasized, on the basis of the completed eyebrow makeup, with eyebrow powder emphasizes the brow line, strengthen the eyebrows to the shadow of the bridge of the nose, can make the nose look more tall and straight, and then the lower edge of eyebrows sweep on specular powder, natural elegant brows.

(6) eye shadow

The obvious is romantic, so eye shadow with a romantic hue, choose the delicate orange eye shadow and the integration of brown eye shadow, can make a deep eye ministry outline, orange eye shadow superposition in double-fold eyelid fold place daub, pay attention to both uniform transition, can make eyes look colorful, to emphasize the mature lasting appeal, can be in the eye end after a period of a few false eyelash.


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 What kind of hairstyle does the maid of honor suit Fri, 25 May 2018 09:27:25 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Only beautiful but also has the temperament of fashion look is curly hair, make fleeciness effect, the vogue of dark brown hair dye color on collocation, make a show to intermediated-acidic minus age the temperament of long hair, at the same time is also very good got-up fruit shape, looks very fair maiden temperament.

Slightly partial bang and fleecy curl build a confident small face together, the hair color is fashionable line color of skin, also raise hairdo qualitative feeling at the same time, very vogue.

8, elegant queen temperament but want to learn also not to come, but can be shaped through issuing oh, the bang that slightly inclined part not only decorates face shape, still appear very atmospheric.

Hairstyle effect, appear pure and fresh and sweet, it is the soft and beautiful hair style that suits national character face MM very much, still have the effect of reducing age very much at the same time.

The towering buds, head to create a little bit messy feeling, from maximum full head type effect, simple inclined bang modify the canthus is too wide, the hair along the cheek gently beautiful swing, modified face and it is also a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

Sweet princess head is applicable to any occasion very much, make chic grain sense through hair, curl hairstyle is beautiful and delicate, send out inviting burnish.

This pear is not only a popular head of professional hairstyle, but also can be a very good modify the word face, forehead Liu Haizhong points, two side hair natural prolapse, obscure part of the zygomatic and side face, will face of smaller, buckle in the tie-in natural fluffy hair end, the hair is soft and temperament.

This is a standard Japanese hair style, braid hair effect lets hair more show messy, again on the left and right sides of a small flower bud, very lovely.

This hairstyle USES along the bang to change a full braid, clip on a favorite hairpin, the modelling becomes sweet and vivid immediately.


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Wedding bridesmaid is suitable for what hairstyle refreshing bud head sweet and reducing age? Wed, 23 May 2018 07:42:17 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow As a bridesmaid in the wedding day is the green leaves, the bride to foil the beauty of the bride, so the maid of honor is also want to decorate, how can foil better the bride, showing the charm of the maid of honor? So what's a bridesmaid for? Small make up think the bride on the wedding day usually dress more dignified and elegant, so lovely and sweet bridesmaid can choose hair oh, so small make up recommend for everybody today is relaxed and the buds of head bridesmaid hairstyle, sweet but person and complete reduction of age well.

What do you think the bridesmaid is fit for?

The hair of the small roll is messy, let a person look very pure and fresh and natural, appear the dish that appears interlacing, beautiful eyebrow elegant and charming temperament shows incisively and vividly.

What do you think the bridesmaid dresses for?

Like the flowers which is going to drive but did not open the bud head of hair, is permeated with a pure and fresh and sweet temperament, filled with natural slide on both sides of the hair to face a xiu yan effect, coupled with the ornament of delicate hair hoop after more delicate eye absorption.

What is the best way to get a bridesmaid?

No bang design this bud black head of hair, send out a full-bodied sweet smell, fell on both sides of the hair let girls face more lovely and sweet, and cute hair bowknot adornment makes buds head more eyes.

What do you think the bridesmaid is fit for?

The modelling of the towering buds head with bowknot sweet show the temperament of minus age, deserve to go up a show thin side points long bang xiu yan, let girls look more easily show loving, tied up at the high buds head design make public the summer fresh and natural feeling.

What is the best style for a bridesmaid?

The hair fleeciness buds head hair hair, looks very small and pure and fresh flavor, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane hair texture and chic, make head shape look full a lot, and the towering buds with sense of air bang all show girls sweet temperament, coupled with the ear temples to roll become warped radians hair, is a modified face fresh charm. Related reading: qi liu hai bridesmaid hair flower bud hair, hair air feeling liu hai more beautiful.


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The bride's chest small to wear what underwear small bosom also can be sexy and lovely Mon, 21 May 2018 08:28:56 +0200 davisyellow davisyellow Whether it's a wedding photo shoot or a wedding dress, it's all a girl's dream to wear a beautiful wedding dress. But this is to small bosom woman, but have great trouble, because bosom small woman wear wedding dress the effect is always not perfect. So what kind of underwear does the bride's chest fit? Small make up to teach you how to choose underwear, let your small bosom also can be sexy and lovely.

What to wear for the bride's chest:

1. Try to choose underwear with the same color as the wedding dress.

When choosing underwear, the bride of small bosom must pay attention to match with the color of bridal dress, because this can prevent underwear to appear in the light of sunshine and magnesium lamp to appear the circumstance of color to go to light. Such as if the bride wears a white wedding dress, underwear also had better choose white or color of this kind of light color fastens, if choose the color of deep or complex patterns, will destroy the wedding itself fully thin fabrics with light qiao line, affect the overall aesthetic.

2. The size of underwear must be suitable.

The bride will have to work hard all day, whether it's a wedding photo or a wedding, so the size of the bra must fit. Tight underwear not only makes the chest appear smaller, but also can easily cause hypoxic discomfort. And if the underwear is too loose, it's easy to walk away. In general, a bride with a small chest can choose half or three-quarters of the cups, so that the breasts of the bride will have a good effect on the breasts, making the breasts look fuller.

Avoid shoulder straps.

When choosing lingerie, the bride should avoid shoulder-straps. Because no matter how stable the straps are, there is a possibility of shifting or dropping the shoulder. If this happens at a wedding, it can be embarrassing. And if the straps are too tight, they still have a tear in the shoulder, which is very lossy.

The bride's chest is small to wear what underwear tips:

The bride should pay attention to the dress of underwear, only choose the underwear that suits them best, can show the most perfect result. Sometimes you don't need to hide yourself too much. It's really important to be comfortable. Another chest be small MM can be set in the chest of the dress a big bowknot, this can not only increase the lovely temperament, but also can transfer visual focus, make up for the defect of chest be small!

What kind of underwear is suitable for the bride's chest: washing of underwear?

How exactly do you clean the stain on your bra?

If the bra is dirty, it should be cleaned as soon as possible, and the longer it is, the more difficult it will be to clean it. Here are some tips for removing common stains:

Lipstick or foundation - remove with alcohol or volatile solvent, then wash with a mild detergent solution.

Blood stain - brush the toothbrush with the lotion.

Perspiration - soaked in rice water, gently washed and washed.

Wine - wash with warm soapy water after soaking in cold water.

Juice - sprinkle the flour on the stain and scrub with water.

What kind of underwear is suitable for the bride's bosom: the maintenance of underwear?

Underwear not only want to buy, but also need to maintain, catharsis is a kind of knowledge, but fold underwear also is not an easy matter, how should fold is correct way? Here are a few tips.

The correct way is to soak the underwear in the cleanser with a light tap, or grab the wash. In addition, after washing, the average person will often go to dry or dry, which is not correct. Because this also can make underwear deform, can use a dry towel to fill up the moisture of the underwear to dry again dry.

Next is the underwear, the problem of how to finish folding, randomly placed will deform the underwear, so fold, without steel silk underwear side cup can be folded into the other side of the cup, and then put the shoulder straps and back into the lining.

If the bra that has a silk, as long as spread out flat, the underwear can be rolled into round shape, very easy to clean up, also save space.


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